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Do your templates work with Google Sheets or OpenOffice?

We develop and test Excel templates only for Microsoft Excel, and test our Google Sheets templates only for Google Sheets.

Some of our simple templates may work in other spreadsheet software as well. But we cannot guarantee if all the features will work though, as we don’t test them in Excel Online or OpenOffice. Especially our complex Excel templates which include VBA code will NOT work correctly in these software (you can check the features summary section on the product page to see if VBA is included for that template).

But Excel Online allow us to work on the same file with colleagues..

Yes, we know Excel is still not good at simultaneous editing. Even though we don’t build and test our Excel templates for simultaneous use, you can try uploading your workbooks to Excel Online (a.k.a. OneDrive) and check if that works for you. Excel Online allows simultaneous editing like Google Sheets. However, VBA is not supported here either.

Don’t forget to check our Google Sheets template portfolio, if you’re looking for a simultaneous working feature for a particular template.

We use one of your Excel templates every day and love it! Isn’t there any way to convert it to Google Sheets?

For some of our Excel templates, we have already built the Google Sheets versions. And actually we’re adding new Google Sheets templates regularly. So please check the particular product page whether there’s a Google Sheets version of it or not. If you need help, just contact us for more information.

If you want to convert any of our Excel templates to Google Sheets by yourself, we have some notes for that. As Google Sheets use Apps Script instead of VBA and as these are different languages, the conversion of VBA-included Excel templates will need custom development. For simple templates, this can be a quick and easy job. However, since some VBA methods and properties don’t have a direct equivalent in Google Apps Script, for some complex templates (like Automatic Org Chart Generator) this conversion can get quite tricky.

Do you plan to develop Google Sheets templates?

Yes! We actually started building Google Sheets versions of our amazing Excel templates. And more are on their way :) stay tuned…

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