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Is this an add-in? How do I install it? Can I use it on my mobile phone?

Our products are spreadsheet templates developed to be used in Microsoft Excel software and Google Sheets. You don’t need to install anything for our templates to work other than Excel itself (obviously). Just download the template, open in Excel or Google Sheets and start using!

There are many Excel add-ins in the market. Don’t confuse with them, these are Excel templates which work out of the box.

Some of our Excel templates include VBA code embedded in the background of the template itself. You still don’t need to install anything but you will need to enable macros when you open the template in Excel.

Can I use it on my mobile phone/tablet?

We mainly build our Excel templates for Desktop Use. However, some of our simple templates (especially those which don’t include macros) may work in Excel Mobile App. As we don’t test them on mobile devices, we cannot guarantee which features will be available though.

However, you can use our Google Sheets templates from any device including mobile, desktop, tablet.

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