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Sales & Marketing Excel Templates

Our Sales and Marketing Excel Templates collection compiles professional tools for marketers, start-ups, e-commerce business owners, SaaS companies, public relations agencies, social media managers, and content writers.

In this selection, you’ll find an Excel template for all you need. Market analysis, keyword research, digital marketing, competitor analysis, online business management, and much more.

All in Excel. You don’t need to install any other software. Besides, they’re all compatible with Windows and Mac.

  • Customer Database Excel Template


    Client dashboard in Excel. Track and analyze your customer data with interactive charts and filters. No installation needed. Ready to use.

  • Excel Etsy Seller Spreadsheet


    Bookkeeping template in Excel for Etsy shop owners. Track your sales and expenses on a nice-looking dashboard. Import data feature with instructions.

  • Sales Pipeline Excel Template


    Track your sales pipeline in Excel! Divide your sales process into stages, find the bottlenecks and visualize them in a summary dashboard.

  • Content Calendar Excel Template


    Social media content planner in Excel. Manage your editorial calendar. No more worries about deadlines. No installation needed. Ready to use.

  • Marketing ROI Calculator Excel Template


    Digital marketing ROI calculator in Excel. Analyze social media campaign metrics. Printable dashboard and charts. Ready for use with on sheet guidance.

  • Mail Merge & Email Sender Excel Template


    This Mail Merge & Email Sender Template in Excel will help you to create a single message or bulk emails and send them via Outlook with VBA.

  • Excel CRM Template


    Easy-to-use yet powerful CRM Template in Excel. Track your tasks, customers, meetings with a kanban dashboard and calendar. Works in Mac & Windows.

  • Client Task Management Excel Template


    Comprehensive account management template in Excel. Plan and track customer tasks in one place. Works on Mac & Windows. No installation needed.

  • Wholesale Price Calculator Excel Template


    Wholesale pricing spreadsheet in Excel. Define discounts, calculate profit & prepare price list. Easy-to-fill and printable listing. No installation needed.

  • Competitor Analysis Excel Template


    Simple yet effective competitive analysis template in Excel. Analyze your competitor profiles in your market niche. Printable & ready-to-use spreadsheet.

  • Sales Forecast Excel Template


    Demand planning and sales forecast template. Projection of future revenue based on historical sales data. SKU-level demand forecast. All in Excel.

  • US Sales Map Excel Template


    Sales territory mapping tool for USA. Create printable sales heat map for states with optional settings. No installation needed. All in Excel.

  • AdSense Ad Revenue Calculator Excel Template


    Spreadsheet to calculate Google AdSense earnings. Printable and simple Excel template for ad revenues. Ready for use. Industry benchmarks included.

  • Vendor Comparison Excel Template


    Cost comparison spreadsheet. Compare prices from multiple vendors or suppliers. Printable and ready to use Excel template. No installation needed.

  • Customer Follow Up Sheet in Excel


    Lead tracking has never been easier! Customer follow up sheet is an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet template to record & monitor key prospect data.

  • Contact List Excel Template


    Contact List Template is a basic Excel spreadsheet to keep and organize your business or personal contacts. Fully printable and easy to customize.

  • Sales Target Tracking Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet template to track and measure the salesman performance, target realization rates, sales metrics and KPIs of sales people.

  • Sales Dashboard Excel Template


    Interactive Sales Dashboard Template in Excel. Great tool for sales management. Features a dashboard with profitability, sales analysis and charts.