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Someka - Excel Templates Collection
Someka - Google Sheets Templates Collection
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Excel and Google Sheets Templates
Unique and Professional Spreadsheets & Business Solutions

Someka provides a wide range of ready-to-use Excel and Google Sheets templates for your business and daily needs.

You can ease all your operations and processes with our Excel templates in Project Management, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing or Inventory Management. Our collection also includes the most practical and user-friendly Calendars and Timesheets, Budgets and Invoices.

You can also check our Bundle Packs to have a complete toolkit for your specific needs. And if you need some tailor-made solutions, refer to our Custom Services.

Don’t get lost in spreadsheets, we do it for you!


Recently most requested Someka Excel and Google Sheets Templates here. All our templates are compatible with both Windows and Mac. We provide a wide range of templates, so check our collection for more details. | See more ›

  • Kanban Board Excel Template


    Automated Kanban Board in Excel. Manage your workflows and tasks in cards view. Easy-to-use spreadsheet. Works in Mac & Windows.

  • Automatic Family Tree Maker Excel Template


    Unique Excel template to create your Family Tree from your data with a button click! Photo upload feature. Fully printable. Works on Mac & Windows.

  • Employee Leave Tracker Excel Template


    Leave planner spreadsheet. Track the absence of your employees with printable dashboards. No more mysterious empty desks. All in Excel!


Our newest templates here. We publish fresh templates on a regular basis, so make sure you check our latest releases and subscribe to our newsletter to hear as soon as they get released. | More Templates ›

  • CRM Google Sheets Template


    Customer Relationship Management tool in Google Sheets. Organize contacts, leads, and deals in one place. With printable calendar and kanban board.

  • Business Plan Google Sheets Template


    Business Plan in Google Sheets. Analyze and present your business feasibility with step by step guide. Fully printable and accessible from all devices.

  • Airbnb Calculator Google Sheets Template


    Income tracker in Google Sheets for AirBnb hosts. Track your daily bookings in dynamic dashboard. Easy-to-use tool with access from all devices.


We compile our top-selling templates under particular bundle packs. All are ready-to-use Excel files chosen carefully to meet certain business requirements. Moreover, with special discounts! | More Excel Bundles ›

  • Small Business Excel Templates Bundle


    Bundle pack for small business tools in Excel. Top selling templates for SMEs. All uniquely designed, printable, professional spreadsheets. Ready for use.

  • Human Resources Excel Templates Bundle


    Bundle pack for HR templates in Excel. Top selling human resources tools. All uniquely designed, printable, professional spreadsheets. Ready for use.

  • Project Management Excel Templates Bundle


    Bundle pack for Project Management Templates in Excel. Top selling PM tools. All uniquely designed, printable, professional spreadsheets. Ready for use.


Ready-to-use project management tools in Excel. To-do lists, gantt charts, task management templates, kanban boards, flowchart makers, and much more. | More Project Management Templates ›

  • Network Diagram Excel Template


    Network map maker in Excel. Create interactive network diagrams with dynamic shapes and icons. No installation needed. Ready to use.

  • Action Priority Matrix Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet to prioritize your actions. Printable effort and impact matrix with professional dashboard and dynamic charts. Ready to use.

  • Daily-Weekly-Monthly Task List Excel Template


    Excel Task List Template on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Save your headspace and keep track of your to-dos easily. Works in Mac & Windows.


Keep track of all your HR data with unique templates. Employee databases, leave trackers, training managers, rotation schedulers, and any other spreadsheet needs of human resources departments. | More HR Templates ›

  • Excel COVID Tracking Spreadsheet for Employers


    COVID-19 Tracker Template in Excel. Monitor health status & risk groups during pandemic. Employee timesheet included. Easy and ready for use.

  • Excel Formulas Practice Exercises Template


    Excel test worksheet for training formula skills. Stop watching videos. Learn VLOOKUP, IF and other top 30 Excel functions by doing.

  • Employee Evaluation Excel Template


    Staff performance evaluation spreadsheet. Printable professional forms for annual personnel reviews. HR reporting with dashboard & database. All in Excel.


Financial model templates for different business types. Feasibility study tools with operational and financial forecasting. All printable and ready-to-use. | See Financial Models Collection ›

  • Financial Forecasting Model Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet to make financial planning and budgeting. All-in-one forecasting model tool and main financial statements. With online user manual.

  • Pharmacy Financial Model Excel Template


    Financial model spreadsheet for medical stores. Feasibility study, forecasts & budget plans. Printable financial statements. Dynamic charts. All in Excel.

  • Gym Financial Model Excel Template


    All-in-one financial planning tool in Excel. Feasibility study for gym business. Printable and dynamic charts. Ready for presentations. Easy to use.


Printable calendars and timesheets. Get organized with our user-friendly planners, schedulers, monthly calendars, attendance sheets, time tracking tools. | Calendars, Timesheets & Planners ›

  • Excel Monthly Attendance Sheet


    Easy-to-use Monthly Attendance Sheet Template. Track the attendance of students or employees in your organization with this Excel spreadsheet. Full print ready.

  • Dynamic Calendar Excel Template


    Fully dynamic Excel Calendar Template. Nicely designed, easy-to-use and monthly blank calendar spreadsheet. Ready to use from 2022 to 2030.

  • Event Calendar Excel Template


    Interactive event calendar in Excel. All-in-one spreadsheet to track your activities. With dynamic calendar view. Works on Mac and Windows.


Visualize your data in geographic heat maps. Unique mapping tools with auto-coloring feature. Check our heat map collection for US states, Europe, Africa and more. | Someka Heat Map Generators ›


Google Sheets templates for various needs. Simultanous work with online spreadsheets. Accessible from all devices including mobile, tablet, desktop. Check out our growing collection. | Someka Google Sheets Templates