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What We Do

At Someka, we build unique Excel Templates and Custom Spreadsheet Solutions. That’s what we love the most and do the best!

Spreadsheets replaced the “paper” in today’s business world. And Microsoft Excel is one of the most used spreadsheet editors nowadays. That’s why people are using Excel not only for business purposes but also for personal needs.

We are aware of this and trying to ease your lives on our website where you can find ready to use, simple and nice looking Excel Templates for both business and daily purposes.


Meet The Founders

Co-Founder / Marketing & SEO

Co-Founder / Marketing & SEO

After working for the biggest global companies like P&G and L’Oréal around 10 years, she joined Someka to boost digital marketing and SEO activities.

She is great at seeing the big picture and guides Someka with her strategic thinking.

Duygu is a passionate traveler and enjoy exploring new places.

Founder / Lead Developer

Founder / Lead Developer

It is hard to find someone who loves working with Excel more than Onur. With engineering background, he mainly worked on data analysis roles.

After years of working at companies, he quit corporate life to do what he loves the most: Developing Unique Excel Templates.

Read Onur’s story at Quora

Who We Are

Someka is a team of Excel enthusiasts having mostly engineering, finance and business management backgrounds.

While working on several departments at international companies, Duygu and Onur developed their Excel skills above average. After developing tailor-made solutions for many clients worldwide, they founded Someka to provide ready to use templates.

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National Winner at Excel World Championship!

Onur Yılmaz, founder of Someka Excel Solutions has been the winner of Excel Turkey Championship organized by Microsoft. Competing with other Excel experts and sharing knowledge is awesome!


We keep receiving admiration for offering unique Excel solutions

We have been referred as one of the top Excel websites on the web by Spreadsheeto. You can check the full article here:

Best Excel Websites


Izmir HQ

Mansuroğlu Mah. 286/3 Sk. No:14B Bayraklı Tower 35030 İzmir / Turkey

Istanbul Office

Burhaniye Mah. Nesetbey Sok. No:16 Uskudar / Istanbul / Turkey

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