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Wrong Question: Do you use Excel?
Right Question: Do you get whole benefits of Excel?

Spreadsheets replaced the “paper” in today’s business world. And Microsoft Excel is one of the most used spreadsheet editors nowadays. People are using Excel not only for business purposes but also for personal needs. And it is so powerful that most of the users do not even benefit from its all features.

We are aware of this and trying to ease your lives on our website SOMEKA where you can find ready to use, simple and nice looking Excel Templates for both business and daily purposes.

SOMEKA is a team of Excel enthusiasts having engineering and finance backgrounds. While working on several departments of international companies, we developed our Excel skills above average. Now, our experience is at your disposal thanks to SOMEKA.

As SOMEKA, we also give custom services for our clients from all over the world. (just check the recent projects we have developed for our customers)

We are currently located in beautiful city Istanbul. And yes, we love soccer, rakı and kebab. If you are visiting Istanbul and wanna offer a drink to someone, just let us know 😉

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