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Someka Google Sheets Templates

Someka provides ready-to-use Google Sheets Templates for various areas from project management to human resources or accounting & finance. Check our portfolio to get the best solution for your needs.

All works on any operating system with access from all devices including mobile, tablet, or desktop. All you need is a Gmail account and an Internet connection. Don’t spend your time installing and trying to understand complicated tools. Meet Someka Google Sheets Templates!

  • Kanban Board Google Sheets Template


    A visual tool for managing agile and lean teams. Card-based workflow management with Kanban Board in Google Sheets. Access from all devices.

  • Employee Task List Google Sheets Template


    Team To-Do List Template in Google Sheets. Manage employee tasks with summary dashboard and dynamic charts. Ready to use from all devices.

  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix Google Sheets Template


    Simple team management tool in Google Sheets. Assign roles and tasks with both RACI and WBS diagrams. Printable and ready-to-use template.

  • Issue Tracker Google Sheets Template


    Google Sheets template to track your issues. Printable dashboard to manage projects based on priority and status. Access from all devices.

  • Action Plan Google Sheets Template


    Action plan tracker in Google Sheets. List your goals, plan your actions and achieve them one by one. Ready-to-use. Access from all devices.

  • Invoice Tracker Google Sheets Template


    Ready to use invoice tracker in Google Sheets. Keep record of your customer payments. Simple and printable template with access from all devices.

  • Gap Analysis Google Sheets Template


    Professional gap priority dashboard. Measure time, money, and labor to reach your goals. No installation needed. Access from all devices.

  • Risk Assessment Google Sheets Template


    HIRA spreadsheet in Google Sheets. Manage and control all risk items in a visual dashboard. Ready to use. Access from all devices.

  • Action Priority Matrix Google Sheets Template


    Effort & Impact Matrix in Google Sheets. Easily prioritize your actions. Printable dashboard and charts. No installation. Access from all devices.

  • Eisenhower Matrix Google Sheets Template


    Eisenhower Matrix in Google Sheets. Categorize & prioritize your tasks. Printable priority chart. Ready to use template. Access from all devices.