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Data Analysis Excel Templates

We’re living in an info world, but how to analyze all that big data? Our Data Analysis Excel Templates will help you choose the right data visualization methods to report and present your statistics and data inputs.

With these data analysis tools in Excel, a single click will be enough to create charts and diagrams with sleek-design dashboards. Input your data and let our templates visualize it for you.

  • Treemap Chart Excel Template


    Tree map generator in Excel. Visualize your hierarchical data distribution in seconds. Simple, sleek and printable template. No installation needed.

  • Excel Box and Whisker Plot Maker


    Automatic box and whisker template. Create box plot diagrams with one-click. Dynamic chart and quartiles with different color options. All in Excel.

  • Histogram Maker Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet for histogram diagrams. Create bar graphs in seconds. Printable dynamic charts with data split options. No installation needed.

  • Venn Diagram Excel Template


    Venn Diagram Template automatically creates venn charts from your data in Excel! Most used models like 2 & 3 & 4-circle sets. Works in Mac & Windows.

  • IP to Country Converter Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet to convert IPs to country. Bulk IP address converter. Paste your IP list and get location info in seconds. No installation needed.

  • Fortune 1000 Excel List


    Fortune 1000 official rankings. Top US companies list. Key financials and other company info. Fully printable & sortable list. Available in Excel format.

  • Fortune Global 500 Excel List


    Fortune Global 500 official rankings. Top global companies list. Company info & key financials. Fully printable & sortable. All in Excel.

  • Fortune 500 Excel List


    Fortune 500 Excel List is the ranking of US companies which made the highest revenue in a fiscal year. Available in Excel format.

  • Forbes Global 2000 Excel List


    Forbes Global 2000 official rankings. Top global companies list. Sales, profits, assets & market value info. Fully printable & sortable. Available in Excel.