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Project Management Excel Templates

Someka’s Project Management Excel Templates collection provides easy-to-use tools for project managers, process owners, organizers, and agile management teams.

You’ll find a full collection of task management and to-do list templates in Excel. Plan your workflow and track easily your teams. You do not need any extra software. All tools work with both Windows and Mac.

  • Roadmap Excel Template


    Simple spreadsheet to create roadmap diagrams. Visualize your processes all product plans. Printable roadmap with optional colors. All in Excel.

  • Sprint Planning Excel Template


    Sprint Planning Template is an Excel tool for agile management. Ready-to-use spreadsheet to organize daily scrums and sprints. No installation needed.

  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix Excel Template


    Excel project management tool for team roles & tasks. Responsibility Assignment Matrix includes both RACI Chart and Work Breakdown Structure.

  • Action Plan Excel Template


    Action Plan Template to organize and track targets in Excel. Input your goals and actions, measure status and progress. Visual charts are included.

  • Network Diagram Excel Template


    Network map maker in Excel. Create interactive network diagrams with dynamic shapes and icons. No installation needed. Ready to use.

  • Action Priority Matrix Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet to prioritize your actions. Printable effort and impact matrix with professional dashboard and dynamic charts. Ready to use.

  • PERT Chart Excel Template


    PERT diagram generator in Excel. Create interactive PERT diagrams in seconds. Easy way to visualize complex tasks. Fully printable and ready to use.

  • Kanban Board Excel Template


    Automated Kanban Board in Excel. Manage your workflows and tasks in cards view. Easy-to-use spreadsheet. Works in Mac & Windows.

  • Impact-Effort Matrix Excel Template


    Impact Effort Matrix Template in Excel. Keep your tasks organized. Easy-to-fill list & automatic matrix view. Fully printable. No installation needed.

  • Automatic Flowchart Maker in Excel


    Flowchart maker is a spreadsheet that generates flowcharts from excel data automatically. No installation necessary. Works both in Mac & Windows.

  • Decision Matrix Excel Template


    Decision Making Spreadsheet. Define criterions & compare options. Printable matrix chart. Ready for presentations. No installation needed. All in Excel.

  • Eisenhower Matrix Excel Template


    Eisenhower Matrix Template will allow you to organize your tasks in Excel and prioritize them according to their urgency and importance level.

  • Team To Do List Excel Template


    Excel Team To Do List Template is designed for task management and tracking of employees. Summary dashboard with charts. Editable & printable.

  • Daily-Weekly-Monthly Task List Excel Template


    Excel Task List Template on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Save your headspace and keep track of your to-dos easily. Works in Mac & Windows.

  • WBS Gantt Chart Excel Template


    Excel Gantt Chart Template lets you create your Gantt chart with just a button click! Works on Windows and Mac.

  • Issue Tracker Excel Template


    Issue tracker spreadsheet. Print-ready dashboard to track project issues with priority and status. One-sheet Excel template with no installation needed.