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Accounting & Finance Excel Templates

This collection of accounting and finance excel templates includes ready-to-use bookkeeping and investment tools.

Track and manage all your income, expense, return on investment, payments, cash flows, costs, prices, profitability, and much more with professional business finance management tools in Excel.

Our Accounting and Finance Excel Templates are all easy-to-use and compatible with both Windows and Mac. Moreover, they’re all printable spreadsheets.

  • LBO Model Excel Template


    Leveraged buyout model spreadsheet. Calculate IRR for your investments. Ready for presentations with dynamic charts. Easy to use Excel template.

  • NFT Wallet Tracker Excel Template


    NFT portfolio tracking spreadsheet. Monitor your projects with dynamic wallet analysis. Mint tracker and journal included. Easy to use Excel template.

  • Cost Comparison Excel Template


    Cost comparison spreadsheet in Excel. Compare prices from multiple vendors. Weighted cost analysis and printable dashboard with charts. Ready to use.

  • Food Cost Excel Template


    Recipe Cost Calculator Spreadsheet. Calculate cost of your menu items. Printable sales summary & recipe tables. No installation needed. All in Excel.

  • Discounted Cash Flow Excel Template


    DCF valuation spreadsheet in Excel. Estimate value of future cash flows. CAPM and Actual Dividend methods. Printable dashboard with charts.

  • Currency Converter Excel Template


    Exchange rates spreadsheet. Get historical currency rates. One-click conversions in world currencies with printable and dynamic charts. All in Excel.

  • T-Chart Excel Template


    T-Chart Maker in Excel. Create many T-chart diagram types. Simple, clean and printable spreadsheet. No installation needed. Ready for use.

  • NPV and IRR Calculator Excel Template


    Professional Excel spreadsheet to calculate NPV & IRR. Estimate monthly cashflows & feasibility. Ready for presentations. Dashboard with dynamic charts.

  • Break Even Analysis Excel Template


    Break Even Analysis Excel Template. Calculate profitability point. Automated charts and dashboard. Ready for presentations. Works on Mac & Windows.

  • Historical Stock Prices Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet to fetch historical stock prices. One-click access to data from NASDAQ and NYSE. No installation needed. Ready to use.

  • Cash Flow Statement Excel Template


    Ready-to-use cash flow statement template. Print form and exclusive dashboard with on sheet instructions. No installation needed. All in Excel.

  • Excel Balance Sheet Template


    Balance Sheet Template in Excel spreadsheet. Automatic dashboard with charts and financial ratios. Easy-to-edit & ready-to-print. Export to PDF.

  • Excel ERP Template


    ERP spreadsheet template as a mini ERP application in Excel. Simple yet powerful. Manage your processes, see projections and calculate financials.

  • Stock Price Calculator Excel Template


    Stock price tracker in Excel. Fetches real time stock quotes and calculates profit/loss on your portfolio! No installation, no monthly fees.

  • Trading Journal Excel Template


    Powerful and easy-to-use Trading Journal Excel Template built for day traders. Supports IRESS Trader and Viewpoint. Works in Mac & Windows.

  • Expense Analysis Excel Template


    Spend analysis spreadsheet. Monthly reporting for actual and estimated costs. Printable and dynamic dashboard with easy-to-fill tables. All in Excel.

  • Profit and Loss Statement Excel Template


    Profit and Loss Statement Template built in Excel. Includes dashboard and separate database with a clean interface. Fully printable and easy-to-use.