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Restaurant Financial Model Excel Template

4.61 (18 reviews)

Excel spreadsheet template to make financial plans for your restaurant business. Helps you to prepare budget and run scenarios before/after investment.

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How to open a Restaurant or Café of your dreams? Actually, it is quite hard to have a popular restaurant with high profits all at once. For this reason, before opening your café, you should make some calculations and some budget assumptions. We have built this Restaurant Financial Model Template to help you make startup feasibility studies in Excel easily.

By using this Excel Financial Feasibility Template, you will start to input your projections and see possible results of them without needing to learn complex concepts! Here is what you will get:

  • Long term plan of your business (1 to 5 years)
  • Profit predictions (EBITDA)
  • Financial Statements: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement
  • Sales Revenue and Cost of Goods Sold
  • Capital budget needed
  • And the simulation of your plans with a lot of parameters like this.

Therefore, you will be aware of any risks before making your investments!


Basically, this template consists of 3 main parts:

  1. Sales and Pricing Assumptions
  2. Fixed and Startup Costs
  3. Reporting

Thus, the flow of the Restaurant Financial Model is:

  • First of all, in the Assumptions section, input your Sales projections, prices, and unit cost
  • Then input your fixed and startup costs like rent, electricity, equipment, and so on.
  • And according to your inputs, output reports such as profitability, break-even and many more will be automatically created.
  • Finally, you can analyze the outputs to make new projections until you get satisfying results.

Visually, this process works like this:

Process Chart - 01

Below, we will explain these 3 sections in detail. But before that, let’s start with reviewing the Dashboard section of the template.


We have prepared a Dashboard section to manage this comprehensive financial model easily. The above section of the Dashboard is Navigation, while the below section is Settings.

Restaurant Financial Plan Excel Template 02 - Dashboard Navigation

Here is the Navigation section. Basically, you can put the predictions to the sections of the left which is blue or red. After that, output results will appear in the green sections on the right.

Also, the Dashboard has a Settings part like this:

Dashboard Settings - 03

Settings details in this restaurant financial model are as follows:

Menu Items – Group table: Here, we have put some dummy menu items. You can input your product which you plan to sell in your Restaurant/Café. (If you need much more space for it, you can expand the area easily by clicking + sign. This is valid throughout the financial model template)

Sales Channels: Sales channels are your delivery ways. We placed 3 channels as an example: Sit-Down, Take-Away, Online order. According to these sales channels, you can define different pricing strategies for a product. For example, when customers prefer Take-Away service delivery, you can sell it at a lower price. As a result, these options will provide flexibility to your restaurant. You can add/remove other sales channels.

Model Config: You can change these 4 options:

  • Projection Years: Projection years allow you to predict the monthly Café budget from 1 to 5 years. It depends on your requirements about the feasibility period. If you want to change it, the reports will be updated.
  • Start Date: Put here the possible start date of your restaurant. Report outputs will start with the selected date.
  • Currency: Put your currency here. It will not change the cell formatting but it will be shown on financial reports.
  • Instructions: You can hide/show instructions from the drop-down.


Assumptions - 04

You will input all your assumptions related to your restaurant in this financial model tool:

  • Firstly, select your menu items and sales channels (group info will be displayed automatically)
  • Make your assumptions about Unit price (Sell-Out) and Unit cost (COGS)
  • Input your weekly sales volume in order to calculate revenue projections
  • Predict growth percentage of sales projections, price evaluation, and cost evaluation. You can do it on the basis of weekly, monthly, yearly or quarterly
  • The table will be calculated via simple multiplication of units and prices per month and it provides Sales Revenue and Total COGS results.
  • Remember: White areas are where you make your inputs or selections. Gray cells are calculations and should NOT be manually changed.

Now, we will input assumptions about fixed costs and startup costs.


Fixed and Startup costs are the core concern of your restaurant budget. Understanding these costs will prevent any financial risk at the beginning and help better overall management.

Fixed Costs - 05

In this section, we input Salaries and Other Fixed Cost assumptions:

Salaries: Labor is one of the biggest expenses of your budget (You may choose to start paying some of your labor salaries later). Afterward, you can see the effects of the salaries on the Breakeven analysis.

Other Monthly Expenses: Input here your other monthly costs like Rent, Advertising, and Agency. During the start-up phase, it can be hard to accurately predict these costs. However, once you analyze the outputs, you will be able to make more accurate assumptions about your revenue.

While filling this section keep in mind that salaries and fixed costs may increase over time. So keep an eye on restaurant financial model Excel template output reports to help you decide on these increases.

Startup Costs - 06

Start-up Costs: Start-up costs are more than furnishing, spoon, or plates. It requires careful planning and estimations and it is essential for the output results. Therefore, if you want to find an answer to “When my restaurant will start to gain profits?” calculate your start-up costs and input them here.  Later on, it will appear in the Breakeven Analysis.

For the sake of simplicity, we ignored amortization and depreciation in the Breakeven Analysis. So, if you have a significant amount of fixed assets and want to include depreciation, you can deduct them from monthly expenses.



Organized financial models are built from top to bottom. The Restaurant Financial Plan Template provides monthly statements that flow into annual summaries easily.

Basically, 3 main statements will appear:

  • Income Statement (P&L)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement

Most of the variables come from the results of your assumptions. Every gray cell is automatically calculated by values. So the only place you should type manually is white cells.

Financial Statements - 07


Spending money does not necessarily create profits. You should use some tools for better understanding. Break-even analysis is an effective way to lower your budget/capital risk. However, the charts may be time-consuming to prepare. This Excel Restaurant Financial Plan Template does it for you automatically:

Restaurant Financial Plan Excel Template 08 - Breakeven Analysis

It helps you to make your analysis with various price and sales volume scenarios yearly, quarterly or monthly. After that, you can manage your budget assumptions in order to get to the positive side of break-even.




Finally, the Data Source is the section that consolidates all data and inputs of your restaurant’s financial plan. We do not recommend you make any manual changes in this section. However, if you are comfortable enough to modify the file structure, you can edit this section to create much more customized reports with your data.


  • Unique Excel Template to perform financial feasibility studies
  • Works both on Mac and Windows
  • No installation needed, ready to use.
  • Professional design and suitable for presentations
  • Innovative reporting system
  • Financial Statements
  • On Sheet Instructions
  • White Label
  • Print-Ready
  • Compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions

Restaurant Financial Plan is a ready-to-use Excel Template and provided as-is. If you need customization on your reports or need more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.


Watch the video below to see the template in action! Presentation also includes usage notes, explanations and tips & tricks about the template.



18 reviews for Restaurant Financial Model Excel Template

  1. Joshua Seymour

    Your templates are excellent.
    I’m a freelancer that helps restaurant investors and owners or food retail investors owners to set up their businesses . Therefore, I’m looking for an easy solution to be able to do feasibility study very quickly and easily . Is your solution what I’m looking for ?

    • Someka

      Hi Joshua,

      We believe that our Restaurant Financial Plan Template might be very helpful for your business.

      Please check our detailed product page and tutorial video to learn more about the template.

      We also have a free download option for this product which will allow you to try the template and its features with limited access before purchasing.

      Just try it and should you have any questions, we’re always here to help!

  2. Cirino Z

    Breakeven analysis is a great sheet. It’s great to see when I’ll get my invested money with the different cases.

  3. Korey Allard

    Hi team this works well, can yu give me assistance. i am not expert excel user how change your logo? i am so disappointed

    • Someka

      Hello Korey,

      In order to remove the logo and add yours, just unprotect your sheet with the password which is provided in the ZIP file.

      For a further explanation check this guide: Can I remove your logo and insert mine?

  4. mohammad abuabed

    I bought this financial model sheet. Inputs are not reflecting on the reports, I guess I did something wrong while entering the numbers. I want the sheet to reset the original status.

    • Someka

      Hi Mohammad,

      Did you click the green “Update Report” buttons in each Report Outputs section separately after you input your data? Otherwise, the template won’t update itself.

      restaurant financial model pic1

      If you think that you corrupt the template accidentally, you can download the original file from the download email you received previously.

      For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us anytime!

    • mohammad abuabed

      It worked. Thanks!

  5. Anees Ahmad

    Dear Ma’am/Sir
    My name is Anees Ahmad I have bought your multi-user licensed Someka Restaurant financial Plan Template. I have watched your video tutorial about how to use it. everything is perfect but I have an issue with “Sales-pricing-cost” section.
    I am still unable to understand how it works, like I want to add my sales on daily bases and there prices are not fixed you know that grocery items prices changes with the passage of time, how could I add my sales on daily bases.
    once in a month cost like; electricity gas bills, tax and salaries these are perfectly understandable.
    Please let me know how I could add my sales on daily bases.

    • Someka

      Hi Anees,

      First of all, thanks a lot for your interest and detailed comment! We appreciate that you like our template.

      While we are preparing the financial models, we are trying to do it as simply as possible. That’s why we want you to input some of the values as approximately. On the other hand, you are also right about wanting to enter it on a daily basis. But, it takes too much time and becomes more complicated to fill in the data. Most of our customers don’t want to enter the data on a daily basis. So, that’s why we prefer to do this Financial Model like that according to the feedback we get.

      We totally understand your thoughts about the “grocery items prices” but, you might enter some mean values in the cell we leave to input the values. By the way, we also have a customization process for our customers who wants to increase the scope of the financial model. If you want, we can direct you to one of our developers that quite experienced in our Financial Models to make some customization.

      If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

      Kindly regards,

  6. Daisy

    bought this to write a business plan for a new client and wanted to save time by not building my own. overpriced for what it is, inputs are not connected and everything needs to be entered manually. pretty but unintelligent model IMO.

    • Someka

      Hello Daisy, thanks for taking your time to write this review. And we’re really sorry that the template was not useful for you. Let us address your points:

      – “.. write a business plan for a new client and wanted to save time by not building my own ..
      This is exactly the purpose of our ready-to-use templates.

      – “.. overpriced for what it is ..
      Actually, there is a huge amount of time and effort invested in this template. We’ve shared some mockups for the development phase for one of our financial models here: How We Build Financial Models

      – “.. inputs are not connected and everything needs to be entered manually ..
      This is quite surprising. Because, just the contrary, everything in our model is connected with each other and when you make a change on a section, it all effects the other sections + reports + financial statements. Is it possible maybe you forgot to click Refresh button on the template when you make any change? You can also watch the product video to see how it works: Restaurant Financial Model Explanatory Video

      Again, we really appreciate you spending time to write your comments. We will be more than happy to help you resolve any issues. Just send us an email if you need further support.

  7. arthurgarcia90

    It’s too complex I don’t have such a big data to fill in. Would appreciate a simpler version.

  8. justin_avery

    Excellent and quick in responding

  9. Mike W.

    If you have business you need these worksheets from here! Highly recommend.

  10. P.Thompson

    I was struggling to my own financial plans but got help from this template. Both comprehensive and easy-to-understand.

  11. Gabriel Ward

    Great plan! Very comprehensive! Thank you!

  12. Daniel Wilson

    Very glad this model is available! This one saves me lots of tedious calculations, and it really does simply finding my achievements by giving all the outputs that I’ve never thought before. Thank you Someka!

  13. andry26

    this spreadsheet is multitude! In startup phase, i can’t comprehend all these financial terms. I can see that, it has good amount of details but would prefer a basic version. Maybe that’s just me though.

  14. Sobnernomain


  15. nikoradu

    Just before a few days of my final pitch I started to use someka’s restaurant template. Wish I found it earlier. The template is very well designed. Teachers, friends love it. Really appreciate.

  16. Pham Vig

    Financial things is getting on my nerves! I am a restaurant owner and template was quite helpful. Some parts were so easy to understand but some of them were a bit complex for me. Team was very supportive. Thx!

  17. Jamal Al Nadeau

    Having’ hard time figuring out when my cafeshop profit will be reasonable. This template does a good job to remind what should i consider. Calculating my gross margin, future sales and breakeven analysis point out lots of things to me.

  18. Diego Hayes

    I had a few technical issues but service provider was great to solve either.

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