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Business Strategy Excel Templates

Business Strategy Excel Templates provide ready-to-use tools for managers, business owners, and also investors. Besides detailed analysis dashboards, all templates include professional business know-how and consulting to help you optimize your decisions.

Covering many of the world’s most common management models, this collection includes ready-to-present business strategy and management templates in Excell. All work with both Windows and Mac. You don’t need to install any complicated software to analyze your business.

  • FMEA Excel Template


    Risk analysis tool in Excel. Detect failure modes and plan preventive actions with FMEA model. Dynamic dashboard included. All print-ready.

  • 5S Audit Scorecard Excel Template


    Process management tool in Excel. Assess your workplaces in the 5S Audit framework. Auto radar chart generator & professional dashboard included.

  • 5 Whys Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet for 5 whys analysis. Find and track root causes of problems. Automatic charts & bars. Fully printable and flexible dashboard.

  • Business Plan Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet to prepare professional design business plans. Present your company with a printable and clear plan. With step-by-step guide.

  • Buyer Persona Excel Template


    Customer persona template in Excel. Visualize your user profiles in ready-made formats. Different design options. Printable and sleek persona sheets.

  • Business Model Canvas Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet to create visual business plans. Summarize your key business factors on a lean canvas within minutes! Detailed guidance included.

  • Porter’s 5 Forces Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet for Five Forces Analysis. Deep dive into the competition in your niche. Detailed guide included. Ready for presentations.

  • Decision Tree Excel Template


    Tree diagram maker in Excel. Flexible decision tree template to visualize your potential decision paths. Printable tree chart with optional settings.

  • Perceptual Map Excel Template


    Positioning map maker in Excel. Compare brands according to key attributes. Simple, flexible and useful perceptual map. Ready to print.

  • McKinsey 7S Model Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet to use McKinsey 7S Framework. Clearly analyze relationships between key business elements. Fully printable and ready to use.

  • Mind Map Excel Template


    Automated spreadsheet to create mind maps from Excel data! Connect and move boxes, add or remove branches. Printable. Works in Mac & Windows.

  • Fishbone Diagram Excel Template


    Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram Maker in Excel. Printable template to define root causes. Brainstorm and add the “bones”. Ready for your presentations.

  • Nadler Tushman Congruence Model Excel Template


    Congruence model framework in Excel. Review your organizational performance and plan your actions. Fully printable and ready for your presentations.

  • Internal Audit Excel Template


    Internal Audit Template is an Excel spreadsheet to create a custom audit plan for your company processes and policies with a summary dashboard.

  • BCG Matrix Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet for BCG charts. Draw growth vs. share matrix in seconds. Data visualization with dynamic dashboard for your presentations.

  • SMART Goals Excel Template


    SMART Goals Excel Template with sleek design. Define objectives to reach your target with guidance notes. Printable & ready-to-use Excel spreadsheet.

  • Balanced Scorecard Excel Template


    Balanced scorecard dashboard in Excel. Evaluate your business with key metrics for Financial, Internal, Customer and Growth aspects. Ready for use.

  • Gap Analysis Excel Template


    Gap Analysis Excel Template with sleek design. Professional gap priority report with dashboard. Flexible, print-ready and easy-to-use spreadsheet.