More than 50 functions are explained with visual examples.


Why Organizational Charts Are Important In Daily Business?

Why Organizational Charts Are Important in Daily Business?

The main advantages of Organizational Charts like easier decision making, resource allocation as well as how to create and maintain org charts.
Founder Of Someka Is The Country Winner At Excel World Championship!

Founder of Someka is the Country Winner at Excel World Championship!

Onur Yılmaz has won the country title for Excel World Championship organized by Microsoft Corporation at 2016-2017. We are waiting for the Global Finals!
Why Should We Make A Feasibility Study Before Kicking-Off A Business Idea?

Why Should We Make a Feasibility Study Before Kicking-Off a Business Idea?

Tips and necessary tools to make your feasibility study before kicking-off your startup idea. Financial analysis, org structure, market research and more.
Google Sheets Vs. Microsoft Excel: Which One To Choose?

Google Sheets vs. Microsoft Excel: Which One to Choose?

What are the pros and cons of Google Sheets versus Microsoft Excel? Which one should I use? A quick summary with a comparison table.
Using Pre-Made Excel Templates VS. Creating From Scratch: Which Is Better?

Using Pre-Made Excel Templates VS. Creating From Scratch: Which is Better?

Is it better to use premade excel templates over developing from scratch? This depends on your excel skills, time, flexibility needed, price, sensitivity to errors and so on. We have discussed in details.
Complete List Of Things You Can Do With Excel

Complete List of Things You Can Do With Excel

An ultimate guide to all the things you can do with Microsoft Excel: Calculators, Dashboards, Games, Gantt Charts, Cheatsheets, Data Analysis and much more.
Someka Blog Is ON

Someka Blog is ON

Someka blog is live: One giant step for us, one small step for mankind.