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Excel Tips and Tricks

Whether you are just a newbie using Excel, or an experienced user, some simple Excel tips can save you a lot of time whilst you are working on huge data. That’s why sometimes it is not enough to know basic Excel formulas to solve your problems if you want to automate your processes.

Explore this category and read valuable insights that our experts covered a wide range of Excel topics.


Can Excel Send Emails?

Excel offers an option to send emails from a spreadsheet. In this blog post, you'll learn how to automatically send an email with VBA code.

Can Excel Map Zip Codes?

In this blog post, you'll learn how to display your data in Excel as zip postal codes and make comparisons among geographical regions.

Can Excel Calculate Age?

Excel has many easy ways ro calculate a person's age based on given birthdate. Check this blog post to learn more about useful functions!

Can Excel be Used on Mac?

The first version of Excel was installed in Mac devices. Check this guide to learn everything about Excel for Mac, Apple Numbers and more!