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Lifestyle Excel Templates

Our Lifestyle Excel Templates will prove to you that MS Excel is far beyond being a solely-business software. Our rich collection includes to-daily tools for your personal needs in many miscellaneous areas such as home, family, sports, education, school, health, and all other possible subjects.

You’ll find something special for you among these lovely and useful lifestyles excel templates. Family trees, gpa calculators, league schedulers, lottery simulators, password keepers, and much more.

  • Floor Plan Excel Template


    Automated floor plan drawer in Excel. Easy-to-use template to draw floor plans for your home, office, or restaurant. Ready to print.

  • Excel Tournament Fixture Generator


    Tournament fixture maker for sports fans. Schedule fixtures and monitor standings. Automatic bracket generator with flexible settings. All in Excel.

  • KWL Chart Excel Template


    KWHLAQ chart maker in Excel. Track your learning process. Nice-looking, easy-to-fill and printable KWL Diagram. No installation needed. Ready to use.

  • Lottery Simulator Excel Template


    Lottery spreadsheet in Excel. Create and play your own lotto with preset and custom lottery options. No installation needed. Ready to use.

  • Random Number Generator Excel Template


    Easy number randomizer in Excel. Create a dummy number list in seconds. Fully printable & automatic. With different list options. Ready-to-use.

  • Color Palette Generator Excel Template


    Easy-to-use color palette creator in Excel. Discover and generate different color themes. Instant RGB & HEX info. No installation needed.

  • Random Date Generator Excel Template


    Automatic date randomizer in Excel. Create dummy date lists in one-click. Date range & custom holiday settings. Fully printable and ready-to-use.

  • Excel Password and Pin Code Generator


    One-click password generator. Easily create passwords & pin codes with printable list. Strength check included. No installation needed. All in Excel.

  • Excel League Schedule Maker


    League fixture generator for sports fans. Create teams, adjust settings, and start to play. Easy-to-use Excel template. No installation needed.

  • Excel GPA Calculator


    Excel spreadsheet to calculate GPA for students. Preset and custom grading systems with printable transcript. Simple, flexible and nice template.

  • Teacher Lesson Plan Excel Template


    Excel lesson planner for teachers. All-in-one digital planner with daily plans, monthly attendance sheets, print ready dashboard, and other features.

  • Student Study Plan Excel Template


    Well-organized study planner for students. Easily track your homework, exams, and much more. Printable lesson schedule included. All in Excel.

  • Automatic Family Tree Maker Excel Template


    Unique Excel template to create your Family Tree from your data with a button click! Photo upload feature. Fully printable. Works on Mac & Windows.

  • Arbitrage Calculator Excel Template


    Arbitrage calculation spreadsheet for sure bets. Calculate odds, steaks, profits and loss. Dynamic dashboard with guidance. Ready to use Excel!

  • Excel Unit Conversion Template


    Excel unit conversion template. Easily convert units like kilogram, meter, watt, fahrenheit, celcius, and many more. Printable and no installation needed.

  • Daily Activity Tracker Excel Template


    This Excel spreadsheet is prepared as an Activity Tracker to follow and record time spent on each activity in your daily life. Fun to use activity sheet.

  • Excel Periodic Table Worksheet


    Periodic Table worksheet for Microsoft Excel. Detailed info of each element. Printable and editable template. Works in both Mac & Windows.

  • Executive Assistant Daily Checklist Excel Template


    Assistant Checklist is a clean and easy to use To Do List for busy people. Recommended for secretaries and assistants. Fully printable and dynamic.