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Inventory Management Excel Templates

Stock and inventory management involves many processes and operations from supply chain and logistics to procurement/purchasing, manufacturing, warehouse management, and even R&D. These Inventory Management Excel Templates will help you to organize and manage all your processes with professional dashboards and databases.

There’s no need to install complicated software. These tools are all in Excel, provided as-is, and ready-to-use. Moreover, they work both in Windows and Mac.

  • Excel SKU Generator


    Excel spreadsheet to create SKU numbers. Create unique codes for all your products. Keep track of your inventory. No installation needed.

  • Product Database Excel Template


    Product data spreadsheet. Keep track of your products with dynamic lists, forms and dashboard. No installation needed. All in Excel!

  • Stock and Inventory Tracker Excel Template


    Plan, calculate, and manage your incoming and outgoing stocks in Excel. Printable summary dashboard with charts. Works in Mac & Windows.

  • Order Planning Excel Template


    Inventory management tool in Excel. Plan, track & invoice your orders. With printable charts and reports. No installation needed. Ready-to-use.

  • Supply Planning Excel Template


    Supply and inventory planner in Excel. Plan and track your orders by SKUs. Fully automated dynamic charts and tables. Ready to use.