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Business and Excel Related Articles

Is there anything Excel can’t do? There are many reasons Excel is one of the “absolute must” for any business process. That’s why you can always use it to do almost anything related data, tracking, automating and more.

Explore this category for extensive use of Excel in your business. Save a lot of time for your project with the recommended tools!


Career Guide: Practical Handbook to Become a Project Manager

What Does Being a Project Manager Actually Mean? Being a project manager means getting involved in too many different aspects of business activities. A project might refer to anything. The progress is managed by the people who are called project…


Value Chain Analysis

What Is A Value Chain? If you are looking for a useful way to successfully analyze your business, the value chain analysis is the method you should go with. A value chain shows every process and every activity for a…


Can Excel Be Used As a CRM?

There are many reasons to adopt Excel as your CRM tool. Check this article to learn how you can use Excel as your professional CRM System!

Can Excel Track Inventory?

In this blog post you'll learn some functions and formulas in Excel which can help you faster your inventory management process.