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Business and Excel Related Articles

Is there anything Excel can’t do? There are many reasons Excel is one of the “absolute must” for any business process. That’s why you can always use it to do almost anything related data, tracking, automating and more.

Explore this category for extensive use of Excel in your business. Save a lot of time for your project with the recommended tools!


Walmart SWOT Analysis

Why was Walmart was so successful? What risks does Walmart face? For all those questions read this in-depth SWOT Analysis to

How to Conduct PESTLE Analysis?

Establishing a known brand, working in a huge conglomerate or contributing to a project by a big company has their…


Microsoft SWOT Analysis

Detailed analysis of Microsoft with the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and the threats the company may encounter.

How to Prepare a Financial Plan for your Mobile App Idea?

This blog post outlines what you need to know about the cost to develop a mobile app and how to set up the financial plan in Excel.

Balance Sheet: Definition, Examples, Templates in Excel!

A Balance Sheet is one of the general-purpose financial statements (the other two are the Income Statement and Cash Flow…


Six Sigma Methodology: Definiton & Complete Overview About It

Six Sigma is an improvement process based on data and analysis to improve units from manufacturing through management. Learn more about it.

How Should You Use Microsoft Excel for Your E-Commerce Business?

There are crucial processes such as accounting, tracking in your e-commerce business. Achieve these with a single program: Microsoft Excel.

Career Guide: Practical Handbook to Become a Project Manager

What Does Being a Project Manager Actually Mean? Being a project manager means getting involved in too many different aspects…

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