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Articles About Data Analysis and Statistics with Excel

Nowadays, 90% of job postings about Data Analysis require excellent spreadsheet skills. So this generally results that the primary tool of many data analyst is Microsoft Excel. In fact, it’s truly amazing how much science you can do with it!

Explore this category to learn a lot of tips, real-life examples, mathematical solutions, data visualization methods, dashboards and graphs in Excel!


Career Guide: Data Analyst

Have you ever wondered where to start for being a successful data analyst? Here is an article that shows everything about data analysis.

Can Excel Use Python?

In this blog post, you will learn why you -as a Microsoft Excel user- should know Python and detailed comparisons of the two software.

Can Excel Generate Random Numbers?

Check this guide to learn more about RAND & RANDBETWEEN Formulas, running simulations in Excel and how to generate numbers in an easy way!

Can Excel Make Venn Diagrams?

Create, customize your Venn diagram in Excel with a few clicks. Check this guide to learn about SmartArt, Shapes and more!

Can Excel Convert Currency?

Microsoft Excel provides many useful functions to convert currency. Learn more about EUROTOOL.XLAM add-in, EUROCONVERT function and more!