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Articles About Data Analysis and Statistics with Excel

Nowadays, 90% of job postings about Data Analysis require excellent spreadsheet skills. So this generally results that the primary tool of many data analyst is Microsoft Excel. In fact, it’s truly amazing how much science you can do with it!

Explore this category to learn a lot of tips, real-life examples, mathematical solutions, data visualization methods, dashboards and graphs in Excel!


How to Normalize Data in Excel?

In this blog post, you'll learn about how to normalize data in Excel with step-by-step instructions, charts and real-life examples!

How to Calculate Standard Deviation in Excel

The standard deviation shows how consistent are values in data set. Check this guide to learn how to calculate standard deviation in Excel.

Can Excel Analyze Data?

Excel is more than calculations or keeping records; learn how can excel analyze data and make analyzing data processes easier.

Can Excel be Used as a Database?

Excel as your main database can come with some disadvantages as well as its advantages. In this blog post these are going to be detailed.

What is a Pareto Distribution? Here is an Eye-Opening Guide to Pareto Charts!

Everone knows that a few but important problems have the most impact overall. Check this guide to learn about Pareto charts and 80/20 Rule!

UML Diagram Types Guide: Learn More about Tools, Examples!

This article guides you to form UML diagrams using Excel and shows different types of UML diagrams and why they are crucial for visualizing systems.

KWL Charts: Teaching Strategy that Work for your Students!

KWL is an educational strategy which stands for: Know, Want to Know and Learned. Get comprehensive information about KWL charts, their benefits, usage and the right tools.

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