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Automatic Flowchart Maker in Excel

4.61 (23 reviews)

Flowchart maker is a spreadsheet that generates flowcharts from excel data automatically. No installation necessary. Works both in Mac & Windows.

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Flowcharts are used in different areas to plan and even maybe develop the whole complex processes to turn them into an easy-to-understand diagram. So, this Automatic Flowchart Maker is an Excel template where you input your data and it creates your workflow with a button click!

Additionally, with the advanced customized settings, you may adjust your flowchart as you wish.

So this process mapping tool has lots of features for you:

  • It points out the workflow of a system, process, project, or analysis.
  • It summarizes the whole concept step by step by various kinds of connected boxes by arrows to understand the workflow.
  • These connected boxes visualize what is going on and help you to understand the process much easier.


First of all, most of the flowchart makers on the web are based on a drag and drop method. For instance, you have to drag every single shape, connect them, and write processes inside the shape each time you create a shape… However, Excel Flowchart Maker will provide a quick and easy-to-use framework to visualize your flow diagram & make charts with one button click.


  • ID: Give ID for each step. This will be helpful to connect a step to another one.
  • Next ID: Determine which ID or IDs your shape is going to connect to.
  • Decision Labels: If your shape is a diamond (decision) that shape will be leading to more than one shape. Thus, type down the labels according to the data order in the Next ID column.
  • Shape Types: Choose your necessary shape from the dropdown menu.


Each shape has a different meaning in the flowchart Excel template. However, the most used shapes are:


  • Oval: An oval shape represents the start and the end of the whole process. It indicates how does it start and where does it end.
  • Rectangle: Rectangles are used as casual processes to move on to the other step.
  • Diamond: Diamond shapes represent a decision. Depending on the decision to be made, there could be other steps to be completed first. Diamond shape covers them all to reveal the uncertainty in the flowchart.
  • Parallelogram: Parallelograms indicate an input or an output.
  • Arrows: Arrows serve as connectors in the flowcharts. It shows the relationships of connected boxes

After completing these steps click on the button “CREATE FLOWCHART”.

Then, your Automatic Flowchart will be ready instantly!!!


Not that only you can create a flowchart but you can also set it according to your preferences. Therefore, you do not need to set the settings below to create a chart. However, you can create a personalized custom chart for yourself.

Data Settings

Firstly, the last two columns of the dashboard are optional to use but they can be useful if you want to change the position of the next shapes you refer to or shape color. In addition, Excel flowchart template will ignore undefined inputs.


Next ID Position: You may set the Next ID’s position from the drop-down menu in the FLOWCHART DATA.

Shape Color: You can set the color of each shape you want to display on the flowchart from the data.

Phase: You can visually group some of the steps with the phase column. Also, this feature may be used as a basic swimlane option.

Shape & Color Settings

So, in Excel flowchart template, these are the features below that you can set as the property of a shape:

  • Chart layout: You can set it as Vertical or Horizontal to set the appearance of your flowchart.
  • Shape Width & Height: You may set the width and height of the shape to be created.
  • Shapes Gap (Horizontal and Vertical): You can set the Horizontal and Vertical gap between shapes to use your chart effectively.
  • Font Size: You may adjust the font size of the text to be displayed on the shape
  • Shape Color: You may add a new color to the color database to use that on a shape later.


So, do you want to create your flowchart according to the steps you determine and see your steps? Go ahead and use your Excel flowchart template!

Settings Panel

  • Error Check: You can click the error check button before creating the chart. It will let you know if there is an issue with your data input.
  • More/Less Input: If you want to add more description in each of the steps, you can click more input buttons. If you include much more information, make sure to increase the sizes of the shapes or decrease the font so all the information can be visible in the flowchart.
  • Clear Existing Data: You may use this button to restart with fresh data to create your flowchart.


Excel Flowchart Template Features Summary:

  • Creates Editable Flowchart with a button click.
  • Want to edit the chart? Drag and Drop it!
  • Customizable Next ID position and Shape Color
  • Decision Labels and Shape Type
  • Shape Settings; Width/Height, Gap Size, Horizontal/Vertical, Font Size
  • Clear on sheet instructions (with turn on/off function)
  • Also, Export to PDF feature
  • Informational notes included
  • No installation needed, ready-to-use
  • Works both on Mac and Windows
  • Compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions
  • Includes VBA code and macros

Flowchart Maker is a ready-to-use Excel Template and provided as-is. If you need customization on your reports or need more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.


Watch the video below to see the template in action! Presentation also includes usage notes, explanations and tips & tricks about the template.



23 reviews for Automatic Flowchart Maker in Excel

  1. X.Hayward

    Thank you, your template is very useful.
    Generally, everyone knows the shapes in the process flow when doing process mapping studies.
    Square shape leads to activities and decision making is shown in a different shape etc.
    However it would be more useful to show the meanings of the shapes.

    • Someka

      Hi Hayward,
      First of all, thanks for your time spent writing a review! Customer’s thoughts and requests are very important for us. You can be sure that we will take into consideration your request. We are glad that you found our template useful. Thanks again!

    • X.Hayward

      Yu are welcome. Also I have a question about your license. What is the main difference of them?

    • Someka

      Hi Hayward,

      About our license details, our single-user license is for personal use only. With the multi-use license, you will have the right to share the file with your colleagues in the same organization and/or put your file on your company’s network for internal use.
      But you will still not be allowed to put it on websites with public access or re-sell them or share them with third parties.
      To learn more about our license details, please click here.

  2. Icíar N.

    thanks for having option to show the flowchart horizontally and vertically!!!

  3. Joshua Hudson


  4. Ally

    I created my first flowchart and it’s good but how to make a new one?

    • Someka

      Hi Ally,

      You can whether create a new one in the same file by changing your data input or simply create a copy of the file for your next chart!

  5. Edgar Pressley

    Amazing work team. appreciated


    Very interesting and useful product. I need a two section/level box ( the task name in one section, the tas performer in the other box section, similar to a box on an org chart. In I also need to link (i.e.b drilldown) to another process level (down arrow in box corner) or link (paperc clip in opposite corner) to an external document (i.e. a pdf document).

    • Someka

      Hi Bob,

      You may use the Description cells for multi-input, for example, if you’d like to assign a box (task) to a person (task performer) you can include them both in the same cell. You can link documents to the flowchart boxes using Microsoft Excel’s link function after generating the chart. Here is an example for both:


      For drilling down you can use “below” option in Next ID position (that comes with down arrow automatically. If you wish to change the location of the arrows you may do so after generating the template.

  7. Peter Luedtke

    once the flowchart is created, can it be rearranged manually into a horizontal swimlane flow?

    • Someka

      Hi Peter,

      Swim lanes are not a default featurefor this product but after creating your chart you may manually arrange the elements by simple drag and drop to align your lanes.

      Remember you can also make use of the “next id” column to define locations for the boxes. Hope this helps!

  8. Jim Hilliard

    Very good and easy to us but I just CAN’T understand the meaning of “next ID does not exist”. Please help?

    • Someka

      Hi Jim,

      Your issue seems to be resulting from a location difference.
      Since we have different location and area choices in our Microsoft Excel settings, your computer sees “.” (dot) sign as a format error.

      If you could please change the “.” between the IDs in the “Next ID” column to “,” (comma), the situation should be solved.”

  9. Scott

    Ok, but only useful for creating basic workflows. It’s very overpriced in my opinion. If you were able to do something slightly more complex, such as a swimlane diagram for example, then it might be worth the price

    • Someka

      Si Scott,

      First of all, thanks a lot for your interest! All comments are welcomed.

      When are creating our flowchart maker template, we tried to consider all the needs to be able to create a flowchart. So, that’s why we try to make a template that is as flexible and easy to edit as possible. If you can share the diagram you want to create with us, we will be happy to help to make it.

      Besides that, you can also have a look at our Mind Map Maker template. It is also a flexible tool to create a diagram and chart.

      Hope that helps!

      Best regards,

  10. Fran

    I was using the product withouth any problem for some time. After a while I click edit from a preview mode, 2 messages showed up at the Error check column. So I couldn’t create the flowchart. The message said to check the Dashboard. What and why are those, and what should I do?

    • Someka

      Hi Fran,

      It seems like there is a problem with “next id” or “decision labels” sections. It is also possible there has been a corruption on the file. Please make sure you copy-paste your date always “as values”.

      In order to solve your issue clearly, please send your file to as at and our technical team will provide you with assiatance. Thanks!

  11. Jo

    Hi, Team. I have a few info inquiries:
    1) After I click edit from a preview mode, 2 error messages showed up at the Error check column from your template scenario (at ID 5: Available nurse, and ID 12: Need medication). So I couldn’t create the flowchart from your template. The message said to check the Dashboard, and some more error message popped up (at ID 6,8,9). What and why are those, and what should I do?
    2) Then I just deleted the content and started populated my own (a simple one with total ID of 10). I started to see the error texts showed up at the Error Check column but don’t understand why and what to do. Then I tried creating my flowchart. The message popped up that flowchart was created but not perfect, and that I was instructed to go back to the Dashboard page. But there is no Back button; instead I was re-directed to your website.
    Could you advise me on this, please? Thank you in advance. Kind regards.

    • Someka

      Hi Jo,

      Thanks a lot for the time you spare to write this comment!

      Our development team has already contacted you regarding the issue you are having. Please check your mailbox, it will be better to contact you via email to provide better support to you. They will answer all your questions and help you to solve them!

      Best regards,

  12. Ron Sullivan

    Very unhappy with the product. It is not user-friendly. The online video was deceiving. I would never recommend this product.

    • Someka

      Hi Ron,

      First of all thanks a lot for the time you spare to write a review. All comments are welcomed.

      Our developer team has already reached out to you regarding the issue you are having. We want to solve it asap and find out why you don’t like the template. Please share with us all of your thoughts about the flowchart maker template, so we can improve ourselves regarding these points.

      Best regards,

  13. Daniel

    I recently purchased your template and it works great.

    However, I need to add to the same file an additional sheet to include information about the people responsible for the processes, and it does not allow me to do that. Can you guide me to it?

    • Someka

      Hi Daniel,

      Of course, we’ll be happy to guide you on how to add new sheets to your Someka Excel template.

      First of all please display sheet tabs:

      Following that unprotect your Workbook with your password (same steps explained below, not for the Sheet but for the Workbook):

      After that you may navigate to the bottom of your sheet and just click on the “”+”” sign to add your new sheet:


      That’s all!

  14. Esteve Gibert Giner

    Thanks for the clever solution. I buy the automatic flowchart maker single-user, but on the main page it shows 49.95$ and at the moment to buy it asked me more than 60$.

    Why the difference?

    • Someka

      Hi Esteve,

      The difference between the amounts is resulting from the digital product tax regulations applied in your country. We do not have any effect on this as this is something decided by the legal tax regulations of the country/state.

    • Esteve Gibert Giner

      Thanks. In the case I need to change the computer, can I use again the sheet?

      I’ve a desktop pc and a laptop, but I’m planning to buy a new laptop in a few months. What happens when I’ll buy the new laptop? Will I be able to install the program on the new laptop?

    • Someka

      Our products are spreadsheet templates developed to be used in Microsoft Excel software. There’s no need to install anything for our templates to work other than Excel itself. You may use your template in your new device as long as you have a licensed Microsoft Excel!

  15. reşat

    Hı Dear All, Last day I bought flow chart template. And I wanted to create a work flow chart with three level (line) but I didn’t success to create it. I have already send an email to, so you can see attachment print screen what I want in there. Red and yellow process same line, Green process other line,And light blue last line.How can I create this flow chart? Could you help me pls.

    • Someka

      Hi Reşat,
      First of all, thanks a lot for your interest!

      Our customer support team will return to you asap regarding your email! Did you try to readjust the “Next ID Position” for those shapes? We have created this column to set another direction ( below, top, right, left…) for each shape.
      If you would like to change the alignment of the next shape, please play around with the next id position column. Thus, the shapes can be aligned differently for each process. Besides, after you create a flowchart, the template allows you to move the shapes manually. Hope that helps!

  16. Michael

    I downloaded the template but I still couldn’t access the macros of the template. How can I reach the vba codes?

    • Someka

      Hi Michael,

      Please do not forget to unlock both the worksheet and workbook of the template as a first step to be able to display the macros and VBA code.

      Now, you should click “Developer Tab” on the ribbon. There are two sections called Visual Basic and Macros.

      Macros: In this section, you will be able to see the name of the existing macros, run or edit them, etc.

      Visual Basic: You can see the written commands that need to be done to run the macro. You can even modify them manually according to your needs. But, we recommend doing this if you have professional Excel knowledge. Otherwise, you might corrupt the template accidentally.

      Hope our explanation helps you!


  17. Joe E

    I purchased the Flowchart Maker yesterday and it works quite well. However, I have a very lengthy process that I am trying to use this for. It appears that it only goes horizontal or vertical in one row or column. What I mean is, it does not appear that it can “wrap” and start a new column or create a row just under one line. Please let me know whether it can be done.

    • Someka

      Hi Joe,
      First of all, thanks a lot for your interest!

      We will be happy to explain the steps of creating a flowchart you would like to have.

      – You should use the “Next ID position” column to direct shapes according to your process flow. To keep the flow one line down ( a new line just under the current one ) please select below-right or below-left for the next shape position.

      – When you do this you will see the flow on the below as we put an example.

      Flowchart Comment

      – After that, the template will allow you to move shapes manually to the right or left side. Please use the select objects feature of excel to select multiple objects at the same time. In that way, you will get the same flowchart you needed.

      Hope that helps!

      Best regards,

    • Joe E

      Thanks! The one I would like to create almost the same as the one you have created. When I move the shapes a bit left side, I mean step 4 needs to be just under the start point, it will be exactly what I want to do.

      Thanks again for the detailed explanation which is what I needed!

  18. Kiran

    Recently we have purchased Automatic flow chart maker, it is working fine.
    We need to make flow chart. There has to be written “OK” & “NOT OK” on the arrow. could be made in tool & rework stage can be created but again after rework we have to go back to inspection(decision box) which we could not able to make it. Can you help to create this flow chart?

    • Someka

      Hi Kiran,

      Thank you for choosing our template to create a flowchart!

      You can use the “Decision Label” column to write ok or not ok to the arrows.

      If possible, you can send the flowchart you want to have, so it would be better for us to see the chart so that we can help you better. Please contact us via!

  19. Robert Farrell

    Automatic Flowchart Maker:
    1.) Next ID Position required to generate a flowchart ?
    2.) any limits to number of ID used per flowchart?
    3.) what are options of use of flowchart, printing or export from Excel?

    • Someka

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks a lot for your interest! Let us explain all your questions separately.

      Q1: The Next ID Position column is completely optional as we specified in the template with a parenthesis. So you don’t have to fill this to generate a flowchart. However, if you leave this column blank, the template will generate the flowchart based on the default chart layout selection. You can see this in the shape settings section on the right.

      Q2: There are no upper limits for creating a flowchart but, you can think you will be able to fill the flowchart data table completely. (the white cells)

      Q3: You can print the flowchart from the print options of Microsoft Excel or save it as a PDF file as well. On the File tab, you should select the print option to print it. Additionally, there is an “Export to PDF” button on the top to convert the flowchart to a PDF file instantly.

      Hope our explanation is clear!

  20. omayra marchany

    Very happy for the tool! It would help us a lot in the company to do a lot of analysis.

    • Someka

      Thank you Omayra and glad to be useful in your daily operations.

  21. Carlos2

    I’m mostly using this tool for designing flow charts, managing the support department and visualizing processes for my team and, occasionally, for clients who need a nicely visualized main processes. That’s nice and simple to update the existing charts. I am a Mac user and it works without any issue. Thanks!

  22. Christopher

    I create diagrams just for testing and the tool is super easy to operate. I did not need to insert a new shape because they are ready to be used in their database. I did not need to adjust anything after creation but connecting shapes within the diagram is also very easy. Thank you Someka!

  23. Mark Riegel

    I used this tool intensively for drawing a few diagrams for a couple of production and supply processes I worked on and for creating some system diagrams for the projects that I am currently working for. I love the ease of use!

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