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Small Business Excel Templates Bundle

Bundle pack for small business tools in Excel. Top selling templates for SMEs. All uniquely designed, printable, professional spreadsheets. Ready for use.

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40% Discount – 15 templates in one package!



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Microsoft Excel is still one of the most used software across the companies. But dealing with Excel might be frustrating on a busy day. So we have created a Small Business Excel Bundle with our top-selling templates for small-medium sized enterprises.

Indeed, all are ready-to-use Excel files, no need to install any other software. Moreover, with a special discount!

What’s Included in the Bundle?

In particular, there are 15 different templates included in the bundle. So, please see below the whole list of the package.


  • Product Database Excel Template


    Product data spreadsheet. Keep track of your products with dynamic lists, forms and dashboard. No installation needed. All in Excel!

  • Automatic Flowchart Maker in Excel


    Flowchart maker is a spreadsheet that generates flowcharts from excel data automatically. No installation necessary. Works both in Mac & Windows.

  • Stock and Inventory Tracker Excel Template


    Plan, calculate, and manage your incoming and outgoing stocks in Excel. Printable summary dashboard with charts. Works in Mac & Windows.

  • Employee Evaluation Excel Template


    Staff performance evaluation spreadsheet. Printable professional forms for annual personnel reviews. HR reporting with dashboard & database. All in Excel.

  • Break Even Analysis Excel Template


    Break Even Analysis Excel Template. Calculate profitability point. Automated charts and dashboard. Ready for presentations. Works on Mac & Windows.

  • Team To Do List Excel Template


    Excel Team To Do List Template is designed for task management and tracking of employees. Summary dashboard with charts. Editable & printable.

  • Cash Flow Statement Excel Template


    Ready-to-use cash flow statement template. Print form and exclusive dashboard with on sheet instructions. No installation needed. All in Excel.

  • Excel Balance Sheet Template


    Balance Sheet Template in Excel spreadsheet. Automatic dashboard with charts and financial ratios. Easy-to-edit & ready-to-print. Export to PDF.

  • Excel Quotation Generator with Database


    Excel Price Quotation Template to create proforma invoices easily. Export to PDF. Save time with product/service database. Track your past quotes.

  • SWOT Analysis Excel Template


    SWOT analysis tool in Excel. Printable and ready-to-present SWOT matrix to analyze your business with detailed guidance. No installation needed.

  • WBS Gantt Chart Excel Template


    Excel Gantt Chart Template lets you create your Gantt chart with just a button click! Works on Windows and Mac.

  • Excel Automatic Org Chart Generator


    Turn your Excel employee list into an org chart with photos automatically! This easy-to-use spreadsheet is a huge time saver for business people.

  • Expense Analysis Excel Template


    Spend analysis spreadsheet. Monthly reporting for actual and estimated costs. Printable and dynamic dashboard with easy-to-fill tables. All in Excel.

  • Profit and Loss Statement Excel Template


    Profit and Loss Statement Template built in Excel. Includes dashboard and separate database with a clean interface. Fully printable and easy-to-use.

  • Invoice Tracker Excel Template


    Invoice Tracker is a record-keeping Excel Template for business owners to track invoices and payments. Fully print-ready and easy to use.

Can I try excel templates for free before I purchase the small business bundle?

Sure thing! To emphasize, we have free versions of each template in this small business toolkit. So, click on the product links above to go the template page and download free version to give it a try.

Note: Our template pages also include a detailed explanation about how to use each template with tutorial videos!

What if I do have more questions later on about excel templates?

Do you want to know more? Please contact us here or live chat support.

Small Business Excel Templates Bundle Summary:

  1. Automatic Flowchart Maker
  2. Automatic Organizational Chart Maker
  3. Excel Gantt Chart Maker
  4. Profit and Loss Statement Template
  5. Balance Sheet Template
  6. Cash Flow Statament Template
  7. Break Even Analysis Template
  8. Expense Analysis Dashboard
  9. Invoice Tracker
  10. SWOT Analysis Template
  11. Team To Do List Template
  12. Product Database Template
  13. Stock & Inventory Tracker
  14. Price Quote Generator and Tracker
  15. Employee Review Template

This Small Business Bundle consists of Excel Templates and provided as-is. If you need customization on your reports or need more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.