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I can’t find sheet tabs. Where are they?

  • Updated on December 30, 2021
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In most of our templates, we hide Excel sheet tabs and put navigation buttons instead. We prefer this approach due to some technical advantages and also more professional look.

For example:


But if you want to see the sheet tabs, you can easily display them as explained below.

For Windows users:

Go to File > Options > Advanced, and under Display options for this workbook, and make sure the Show sheet tabs check box is selected.


For Mac users:

Go to Excel (from menubar) > Preferences > View > Select Show Sheet Tabs


Still, don’t see the sheet tabs?

If you have enabled the Show Sheet Tabs option and still don’t see the tabs, then probably you arranged the Excel window so that the tabs are not present on the screen. In this case, simply maximize the Excel window by double-clicking on the workbook’s title bar.

If you still don’t see the tabs, click View > Arrange All > Tiled > OK

For a further explanation check this out: Where are my worksheet tabs? – Microsoft Office

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