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Do you offer free trials for your modifiable templates?

Yes! Most of our templates have a free version available for you.

If you check the product page, you will see the free version is clearly stated and linked. So, if you don’t see any link or indication of a free trial on the product page then there is not a free trial.

Since this is a digital product and can be copied easily, we can not just protect/hide some areas and distribute them. Free versions should be developed separately and this takes time. Our development team is constantly working on creating free trial versions of all products in our ready-made Excel template portfolio.

Ok, I understand. But as a customer, how will I know if this template will work for me?

For this reason, we provide explanatory product videos for all our Excel and Google Sheets templates. These videos are mostly recorded as screencast in order to show the template in real use. You can find the product videos on the related template page. Also, you can check our Youtube channel.

Also, you can go ahead and download the free versions of our templates to check the quality! .

Besides these, we provide a quite responsive customer and after-sales service. So, you can ask your questions anytime (before and/or after purchase) by sending an email to

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