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I purchased the template but didn’t receive an email for download! What now?

Here are the steps to follow regarding email problems:

1. It might be on its way: Normally, if payment was successful then you should receive the email instantly. But sometimes it can take up to 5-10 minutes due to network issues. So, please wait up to 10 minutes and see if you receive the email regarding your download.

If you still didn’t get any email, proceed to step 2.

2. It might have dropped to spam folder: We are quite serious about spamming and always keep our email sources clean. However, sometimes if the customer email filter setting is at very high level, even normal messages may go to spam. So, make sure you check the spam folder in your email client (We will appreciate if you mark it as “not spam” and let us know)

If you still couldn’t find the email even in spam folder, proceed to step 3.

3. Make sure the payment was successful: Did you see a verification screen after your payment? Or do you see the transaction on your credit card or PayPal balance? Sometimes you might be thinking you have made the payment but in fact, it did not go through (connection problems, account limits etc.)

If you are sure the payment is processed, then proceed to step 4.

4.  Send us your purchase number and email: If you are sure your payment is processed successfully, you should be seeing the purchase transaction number on your account. Just take that number and contact us with the email you used during your purchase. We will cross check this info from our side and come back to you with a reply. If we can also confirm the payment is processed we will immediately send you the template you purchased.

Please note that: We do not process the payments on our website. All transactions go through big and trustworthy companies like PayPal, PaddleGumroad and your local bank of which you use the credit card. That’s why we don’t have any control for the payment process. Most of the time, payments go through without any problems but in case you experience any issues, you should contact the relevant service provider according to your payment method.

Thanks for your understanding.

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