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I need some modifications to the template. Will you do it for me?


However, as template modification per customer is quite demanding work, we charge it separately. Please refer to our Custom Services for tailor-made development.

What if we need a workbook to be developed from scratch?

No problem. Same as the modifications, we can also help you to build Excel and Google Sheets projects from scratch. We partner with Excel Rescue for all custom development requests. So, if you have a project but don’t know how to proceed, just refer to our Custom services page.

Who is this Excel Rescue?

They are a Canada-based company that specializes in done-for-you tasks for Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets and our development partner for custom requests from our customers. The process is quite simple:

  • Contact Excel Rescue and send your project details.
  • Team will review and assign a developer to your project. You will get a quote for free.
  • Upon your approval, your project will start!

That’s it!

How much does it cost?

Every customer requirement is different and should be evaluated separately. But as a general idea, you can check the pricing here.

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