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What if your template doesn’t work as expected? Can I get a refund?

Yes, no worries. But our product pages and marketing materials (images, videos and explanations) are prepared to show our templates in real use. Which means: you get what you see, nothing more or less. If you still think that something is missing, let’s try to diagnose the possible problems you may have:

Do you have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer? If you’re using one of our Excel templates, you’ll need Microsoft Excel on your computer. This may seem too obvious but sometimes people may think our templates as “stand-alone” products. We provide Excel templates which need Excel to run. For our Google Sheets templates, you’ll only need Google account. (also see:  Is this an add-in? How do I install it? Can I use it on my mobile phone?)

Do you have the Min. Required Excel Version? All our Excel templates are different from each other. Some of our Excel templates may run on Excel 2007 whereas some of them will need min. Excel 2010 to run properly. You can find the min. version requirement on the product page of each template. (also see: How to find your Excel version)

Did you watch the product video? All our templates have explanatory videos on their pages, showing how to use the file and what features it has. The good part is, these videos are recorded while using the actual template. So, you will get what you see in the video.

Did you unzip the file before opening? We send our templates in .zip files for faster downloads and more convenient email delivery. We recommend you extract the zip file before using the template. (You can also check: I downloaded the template but it is a ZIP file. How can I open it?)

Did you enable macros? Some of our complex templates have macros coded in the document. You need to enable macros to be able to run the template properly.

Was it missing expected features since the beginning or after you made some changes? Sometimes users may break the template accidentally by overwriting the formulas or deleting a helper column etc. Normally we password protect the templates to prevent such errors but if you think the template got broken, we recommend you download a fresh new one. (also see: I think I’ve messed up my template. Can you send me a new one?)

So, do you offer refunds?

Yes, we have 30-days refund policy without any questions. Feel free to contact us.

Please note that: We develop digital products and these templates can be copied/distributed easily. Technically, it is not possible to take back a software (it is not like taking back the Adidas shoes and refunding the payment) That’s why, we may take some measures in order to prevent abuse in some specific cases.

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