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Restaurant Excel Templates Bundle

Bundle pack for restaurant templates in Excel. Top selling food business tools. All uniquely designed, printable, professional spreadsheets. Ready for use.

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40% Discount – 9 templates in one package!



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Are you planning to get into the restaurant or cafe business, or are you already in? Then our Restaurant Excel Templates Bundle will meet lots of your administrative needs with a full package of top-selling templates

Indeed, all are ready-to-use Excel files, no need to install any other software. Moreover, with a special discount!

What’s Included in the Bundle?

In particular, there are 9 different restaurant business templates included in the bundle. So, please see below the whole list of the package.


  • Employee Leave Tracker Excel Template


    Leave planner spreadsheet. Track the absence of your employees with printable dashboards. No more mysterious empty desks. All in Excel!

  • Floor Plan Excel Template


    Automated floor plan drawer in Excel. Easy-to-use template to draw floor plans for your home, office, or restaurant. Ready to print.

  • Food Cost Excel Template


    Recipe Cost Calculator Spreadsheet. Calculate cost of your menu items. Printable sales summary & recipe tables. No installation needed. All in Excel.

  • Rotation Schedule Excel Template


    Excel ROTA Template. Simple shift planner for employees. Hourly, weekly and monthly schedules with custom shift options. Full print ready.

  • Competitor Analysis Excel Template


    Simple yet effective competitive analysis template in Excel. Analyze your competitor profiles in your market niche. Printable & ready-to-use spreadsheet.

  • Restaurant Financial Model Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet template to make financial plans for your restaurant business. Helps you to prepare budget and run scenarios before/after investment.

  • SWOT Analysis Excel Template


    SWOT analysis tool in Excel. Printable and ready-to-present SWOT matrix to analyze your business with detailed guidance. No installation needed.

  • Management KPI Dashboard Excel Template


    Management KPI Dashboard in Excel. Includes most common metrics. Editable & Printable. Ready for your presentations with dynamic charts. Compare KPI results.

  • Employee Attendance Tracker and Payroll Excel Template


    Excel template for payroll and employee attendance tracking. Useful spreadsheet for business owners and HR departments. Works for both Windows/Mac.

Can I try excel templates for free before I purchase the bundle?

Sure thing! To emphasize, we have free versions of each template in this restaurant toolkit. So, click on the product links above to go the template page and download free version to give it a try.

Note: Our template pages also include a detailed explanation about how to use each template with tutorial videos!

What if I do have more questions later on about templates?

Do you want to know more? Please contact us here or live chat support.

Restaurant Excel Templates Bundle Summary:

  1. Restaurant Financial Plan Template
  2. Menu Items Cost Calculator
  3. General Management KPI Dashboard
  4. ROTA Template
  5. Employee Time Tracker & Payroll Template
  6. Employee Leave Tracker
  7. Automated Floor Plan
  8. SWOT Analysis Template
  9. Competitive Analysis Template

This Bundle consists of Excel Templates and provided as-is. If you need customization on your reports or need more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.