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US Zip Code Heat Map Generator Excel Templates

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US Zip Code Heat Map Generators convert your data into visual geographical heat map by zip code. Editable shapes in Excel & Powerpoint.

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It is always great to visualize your massive data, especially if you work on a project, research, or an essay. It makes the circumstances to be more clear to understand, observe and process. When you are working with US zip code data, a geographic Heat Map come on that point. It can be applied to many different data visualization purposes.

Demonstration on a color palette is a simple but effective method that anyone could understand easily. Its effectiveness comes from its simplicity. As colors are easily distinguished, it is much easier to perceive the color shades rather than the listed raw numbers.

For instance, let’s say you would like to observe the population distribution over Zip Codes areas in Washington. As soon as you run the template you will be able to visualize your data with a density map and will look like the example below:


You will find the population data in each template (Source: USA ZIP Code Data – CKAN).


The steps you should follow are:

  • Put your own values into the data section (you can just copy-paste from another source)
  • Choose your limits for painting in the settings part.
  • Choose your color palette (or make your own)
  • Customize the settings according to your preferences.(Text Settings and Color&Legend Settings)


After pressing on the button “PAINT”, all your values will be assigned to the color which you determined its limits and will be presented on the Heat Map.

US Zip Code Heat Map Generators come with the property which lets you customize your tool easily while working on it.


  • Color Palette: We have integrated the top five used color palettes for these kinds of charts. However, you can also create your own palette by filling in the cells with the colors you want. After you create your own palette before painting the map make sure you press on the “Select” button.
  • Data Limits: This is your legend. Define the limits of each color to segment them correctly.
*Be careful to keep the minimum value as “0” and the last value as maximum as possible so that the template could easily segment the values which you input according to the new Min. Max levels you defined
  • Text Settings: In this section, you can choose what to show on the Heat Map. There are three different quick text selections: No Text, Display Zip Codes, and Display Your Texts.


*You can also show values on zip codes by inputting them on the “Your Texts” column on the database.
  • Color & Legend Settings: This section lets you customize the background color, border color between zip code areas, Legend appearance and color of a non-valued zip code area of the Heat Map you are going to create.
  • Export to PDF: When you are done creating your map by pressing “Export to PDF” button you may instantly save your map into your computer. However, you may also just copy the map area and paste it into your Powerpoint presentation as well.

Editable Shapes into Powerpoint

It is possible that you may like to edit the shapes which you are working on and we gave you this flexibility!  After downloading this template you will be able to reach all zip codes of the United States of America to work on. You may edit the template’s zip code areas and copy the necessary shapes and even use them in your presentations.

For instance, after finishing working on California Zip Code Heat Map Generator you may select and edit the shapes manually according to your own preferences.


You can change the size, color, shape, and even make your own custom map!

The template has instruction boxes in itself and points out the parts so that it could help the user with the terms and customized settings properties.

Once you get familiar with the template, you may also hide these instruction boxes from the instructions part to get a clear view.


  • Unique US Zip Code Heat Map Excel Template for auto-generation of zip codes.
  • Available for all 51 states of USA and Washington DC
  • Fully editable zip codes map shapes
  • Works both on Mac and Windows
  • No installation needed. Ready to use.
  • Export to PDF feature
  • Full Print Ready
  • White Label
  • Flexible customization options
  • On Sheet Instructions
  • Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions
You can purchase each state heat map individually or in a bundle pack with 50% discount! If you have any specific request on the maps feel free to contact us.



Watch the video below to see the template in action! Presentation also includes usage notes, explanations and tips & tricks about the template.



8 reviews for US Zip Code Heat Map Generator Excel Templates

  1. Eldon S

    color palette leads to good understanding visually.thank yu

  2. Alex H

    very nice and simple excel. We want to replace our logo but it is not.
    Actually good excel but we hope that there is chance to replace logo

    • Someka

      Hello Alex,

      You can remove the logo or replace it with your own logo for each sheet. For Free Versions, you are not allowed to remove the logo or alter any copyrighted material in the template.
      You can do it in the full version. Please check how to do that in this link.


  3. Jim

    Hi, I purchased the USA Illinois zip code and county templates. I have a few questions.

    1. The zip codes in the USA Illinois zip code template are not in numerical order. This is a bit inconvenient. Can they be sorted numerically?

    2. Is there an easy way to select a group of zip code or county objects and move them together?

    3. If the answer to 2 is no THEN is there a trick to having them line up with each other properly?

    4. I assume that your license allows me to use the PRINTED version of anything that I create as part of my customized report for a client. I am just not allowed to copy or share the template itself with anyone. Correct?


    • Someka

      Hi Jim,
      First of all, thanks a lot for the time you spare to write this detailed comment! We will be pleased to answer all of them.

      – Q1: Zipcodes are listed on the “Zip Codes” column according to their location. It is based on the upper left point of the map. Besides, the list continues according to the zip codes of the nearest counties location. However, of course, you can sort the zip codes numerically. There is a filtering feature of Excel. Select column titles first ( which are Zip Codes, Your Texts, Your Values ) and click the Data Tab and Filter option. Now, the filters will be assigned to each title. By clicking a little arrow on the right corner, you can select the sort option you would like to apply.

      – Q2: Excel has a command which is called “Select Object“. Please active it from Options > Quick Access Toolbar first. After that, you will be able to select multiple objects and zipcodes as a group and move them together.

      – Q3: This question was answered in Q2.

      – Q4: Yes! You are totally correct. With the single-user license, you may use the printed version or screenshots from the template for reporting purposes of course. However only you can use the Excel file and edit it. If you would like to share the template with your team, you need to upgrade your license type to multiuser. Please visit this page to get detailed information: Can I share it with my friend/colleague?

      Please do not forget to unlock the template with the password you received before you made those changes!

      Best regards,

    • Jim

      Thank you for your response to my questions.

      I wanted to clarify my question in #1. The Illinois zip codes are NOT in numerical order in the file that I received from you. This means that I need to save the unorganized list from your file instead of sorting it in numerical order. Is this an error in the Illinois zip code spreadsheet?

    • Someka

      Hi again Jim,

      Yes, we have explained how the developer team sorted the zip codes in our previous response. But, you can also sort the column according to numerical order such as from smallest to largest or vice versa. Please follow these steps: Select titles > click Data Tab > click the filter option > go “zip codes” title > click the box on the right below corner > select the sort type.

      Hope this time our explanation helps! If you still figure it out please do not hesitate to contact us.

    • Jim

      Excellent! Thank you

  4. Mike

    I am interested in USA Zip Code and County heat maps. We work only in the State of Illinois. However, some representations need to show also the BORDERING zip codes or counties in Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, and Indiana.

    Can multiple states be combined in a single heat map?

    • Someka

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks a lot for your interest!

      There are a couple of options you could explore according to your needs:

      – We have a package for all states that can be chosen from the dropdown menu of States. But, since you’ll only be using six states this option this option might not be the useful one. We just want to offer in case you might want to take advantage of the All States Bundle (%50 Off) package.
      – Another option would be purchasing six mentioned states heat map generators separately.

      In both of the options above, each state will be on different excel files so they will not be combined automatically. What you can do as an option is merging them all in a separate Powerpoint presentation as shown on the product images on the website.

      We have already shown on the product video how you can copy and paste those editable shapes to separate Powerpoint files. Do not forget to visit the video section to watch!

      Kindest regards,

  5. Amanda M.

    I just wanted to confirm that if the Texas State with Counties Heat Map is purchased, that it can be used multiple times for life and doesn’t need to be repurchased? Also, does the Texas Heat Map with counties already come with counties in it, or can I plug in the counties or edit them if needed?

    Thank you for the information and this great tool!

    • Someka

      Hi Amanda,

      First of all, thanks a lot for your interest and kind words!

      Once you purchase the template, you can use it for a lifetime. We have explained this detail in a page on the FAQ section, you can reach it from there: It this price for one-time payment?

      We have already included all existing counties in the template. In addition, of course, you can modify or edit the template for your needs, but it is not possible to add new counties entirely on your own. It requires additional functions and new shapes to show the county.

      Hope that helps! For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Best regards,

    • Amanda M.

      Good morning!
      Thank you so much for the information and for getting back to me. I will let my boss know.
      Have a wonderful day!

  6. Lorenzo

    Do the State Maps show County names and the city ? I will need USA as one main map then each State separately …
    is this possible?

    • Someka

      Hi Lorenzo,

      We have two separate templates one of is for showing the whole country USA Heat Map but the other one allows you to show each state US Zip Code Heat Map. These are different from each other and you can choose according to your needs.

      So, you should use two of them if you want to show the main map and county names separately. Hope that helps!

  7. Supina

    I just purchased the North Carolina zip code map but I can’t get the zip codes to display nor the color palette to change. I tried enlarging text size, unprotecting and protecting the workbook, and closing/reopening the file to no avail. Can somebody help?


    • Someka

      Hi Supina,

      Thanks a lot for your interest!

      Did you watch the product video before you start creating your heat map? It is very helpful to understand how you should input your data. Besides that, our support team can help you if you are having any difficulties. Please send your file to so they can understand better what the issue is related to.

  8. Robbie Cook

    I have purchased Kentucky Zip Code Heat Map. I am inputting zip codes in and the zip codes are not going into the area of the state correctly. Thanks for you help. Please let me know how to fix it.

    • Someka

      Hi Robbie,

      Can you explain a bit more about the thing that you wanted to apply to Kentucky Zip Code Map?

      We have put the original zip codes in the “Zip Codes” Column. Additionally, we also put the same values on the “Your Text” column but you can also change the text and enter whatever you want to show it on the map. Lastly, the “Your Values” column is for entering the data you want to show on the map as a population, number, etc.

      The zip code order is not changing/sorting according to the values you enter in your text column. So, we guess there is confusion at that point in your mind. We are suggesting that follow the order of the data that you enter inside the “Your Text values” column, but find those in the Zip Codes column. After that, fill the “Your values” column according to the checking the row.

      We also attached a picture to give you an example and explain it better to you. You should enter the number inside the green box to the blue box if you want to see it in the correct place on the map.

      kentucky zip code comment pic2

      Hope our explanation helps to clarify everything!

      Best regards,

    • Robbie Cook

      Hi again,

      Kentucky has over 900 zip codes. How can I just copy and paste my data into the columns and it match the columns in gray….Even if I can get the gray column in alphanumerical order then that would be helpful.

    • Someka

      Hi Robbie,

      If you can send your data to our customer support team, they can help you to input your values into the template in the correct order and explain the best way to do it.

      Hope that helps!

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