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Employee Task List Google Sheets Template

4.86 (7 reviews)

Team To-Do List Template in Google Sheets. Manage employee tasks with summary dashboard and dynamic charts. Ready to use from all devices.

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An Employee Task List Google Sheets Template facilitates scheduling, assigning, and tracking all the work for a project that needs to be done. Additionally, it can be used to give stakeholders and team members at-a-glance progress updates.

Feels pretty awesome to check off tasks on your Task List, doesn’t it? Imagine how much easier life would be if everything brought you that instant sense of accomplishment! So, let’s find out more about this employee task list in Google Sheets template.


Above all, the employee task list template includes options to expand or collapse the number of tasks.

Main Features of the Employee Task List Template:

Basically, the flow of the template:

  1. Form your team and assign tasks, in the Team Data Sheet.
  2. Change the Month and update the status of tasks.
  3. A dashboard displays the number of completed, pending, and closed tasks.

So, let’s take a closer look at these three sections.

Team Data Sheet

Firstly, to make things as simple as possible for employee task list Google sheets template users, there is a team data page where you can create your team and assign tasks. This allows users to simply insert jobs without wasting time.


You must include an assignment date and a deadline in the job assignment table. Because your job duties will appear on each month according to their deadline date.

Also, you can increase the number of team members to 100 and the number of tasks to 2000. Furthermore, remember to only fill in the white cells; the grey cells are for calculations.

Note: Use the “Dropdown” menu in “Assigned To” to observe each team member’s task.

Now, return to the Dashboard to view your team members’ monthly jobs.

Month (January, February, etc…)

Secondly, you can navigate to a specific month to see an overview and make changes to the status of specific tasks in this employee task list Google sheets template.

It is important to understand that there is nothing else you need to change on this page since the data for the selected month will automatically appear.


Info: Gray columns contain automatic calculations that should not be overwritten manually.

To clarify, you only need to update the status of jobs that have not started, are in progress, or have been completed. Additionally, you can also view each team member’s status for the selected month. In addition, the Team Data Sheet will update team members’ names based on the names you enter.



Finally, a dashboard with a visual statistic displays the total number of jobs in progress, completed, or yet to begin in the employee task list.


Meanwhile, all you need is an internet connection and a Google account to get started. And everything will be in sync!

Note: If you want this template in Microsoft Excel, you can download our Team To Do List Template.

Employee Task List Template Features Summary:

  • Monthly Employee Task List Template
  • Ready-to-use job assignments
  • Visual progress charts to track the status of tasks.
  • Easy-to-use and nice design
  • On-sheet instructions
  • No installation needed, ready-to-use
  • Works on any operating system
  • Suitable for any device including mobile, tablet, desktop

Employee Task List is a ready-to-use Google Sheets Template and provided as-is. If you need customization on your reports or need more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.


Watch the video below to see the template in action! Presentantation also includes usage notes, explanations and tips & tricks about the template.



7 reviews for Employee Task List Google Sheets Template

  1. Rufus

    I cant understand. How to use it? ShoulD I firstly need assign tasks?

    • Someka

      Hello Rufus,

      Basically, the flow of the template:

      -Form your team and assign tasks, in the Team Data Sheet.
      -Change the Month and update the status of tasks.
      -A dashboard displays the number of completed, pending, and closed tasks.

      Hope this helps!

    • Rufus

      AHA, I got it thx

  2. Winona C

    so beautiful in display and creative in content.

  3. Josefa W

    it’s the right tool for me!

  4. Dyan B

    Thanks Someka. But I have a tiny question. What is the remaining day?

    • Someka

      Hello Dyan,

      “Days remaining” helps you to see the status of the assigned task.
      It is calculated based on “Deadline”, It shows the difference between the current date and the deadline.
      Hope this helps!

  5. Rosa H

    great googlesheets

  6. Pamela B

    The most complete, presentable template!

  7. Maple C

    best solution for our department

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