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Automatic Org Chart Maker – Premium Version

4.74 (23 reviews)

Turn your Excel employee list into an Org Chart with photos! This Org Chart Maker is a great Excel template for business people.

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An org chart (aka organigram) is a crucial tool to create a diagram for all types of organizations, since it answers the questions “Who is who?” and “Who does what?”. Correspondingly, it clearly illustrates the roles of the employees and relationships between employees. On the other hand, preparing an org chart and keeping it updated might bring a redundant workload. Especially if you want to put photos together with lines and boxes, it may become a nightmare! That’s why we have created this Org Chart Template in Excel!

Automatic Org Chart Maker – Premium Version makes the process very easy with unique “Photo Upload” feature. All you need to do is to follow 3 basic steps:


  1. Type employee names, roles, reporting lines, and select sub-layout in Excel. (If needed, you can add extra info in this step)
  2. Select who you want to upload a photo of and insert his/her photo from your computer
  3. Click the “Create Org Chart” button and your organizational chart will be ready within a few minutes!

It basically works like this:


Start filling your employee Names and Roles to the table on the Dashboard (Org Chart Data). Reports To column has a dynamic dropdown and more people will appear as you add more employee names. By the way, this tool is designed according to one-to-many organizational relationship so there should be only one empty cell at “Reports to” column (who will be the head of organization.)


Extra Info column is optional. You can select whether to show it or not from the Control Panel at the side of Dashboard. (Show Extra Info)

Sub Layout column defines how will the sub employees will be placed in the chart. If you have a large chart, play with this option to fit employees better to the area. (You can click on “Default Layout” button below for quick default setup.)

If you have any problems with your data structure, you will see the Error Messages in the Control Panel. For example if there are more than one person with the same name you will get an error message. Here, you can also change the box formatting, chart type and insert/delete photos for employees.


Once you are done after you make any changes don’t forget to click the create button again. Lastly, you can clear all info with button at the bottom of the panel.

Org Chart

Finally, your Org Chart is ready!

Another great advantage of using Excel Template is ability to modify the output as you wish. After you unprotect your sheet (How can I unlock the sheets? What is the password?) and make the headings visible (I can’t see column headings. How to display them?) you can change the box, photo sizes or adjust the column and row structure to see them bigger.

Benefits of Someka Org Chart Maker:

  • Cheaper compared to other org chart tools on web.
  • Very practical, as whole operation is done in Excel.
  • User-friendly thanks to the unique “Photo Upload” and optional “Sub-Layout” features.

Premium Version Features:

  • Works both on Mac and Windows.
  • No installation needed, ready to use.
  • Excel Org Chart Maker with employee database
  • Recommended for all types of organizations
  • Unique “Photo Upload” feature
  • 4 sub-layout options: Below-Horizontal, Below-Vertical, Side-Horizontal, Side-Vertical
  • Extra info may be added optionally
  • Clear on sheet instructions (with turn on/off function)
  • Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions.
  • Easy to use and nice design
  • Box design can be modified
  • Export to PDF feature
  • Print ready

This Org Chart Template is prepared with VBA macros. Don’t forget to enable macros after you get it. If you need customization on your charts or more complex schemes, just contact us via

Someka Org Chart Generators Comparison:


Links to versions:


Watch the video below to see the template in action! Presentantation also includes usage notes, explanations and tips & tricks about the template.


Organization Chart Maker Product FAQ

Can I add multiple managers? Is it possible to create “many to one” connections/arrows in this template?


Org Chart Generator supports one to many organizations so your employees can not report to more than one person at the same time.
But if you have to show multiple people, here is a quick workaround for you!

Just create an imaginary boss as a first input and create your chart. Then, make manual modifications in the charts section and delete the person on the top. (Turn line colors to white or delete rows. )

What about the dotted-lines?

You can create dotted lines manually to show the connection between employees.

How do I add Assistant role?

For now, this is not available.

But for the users who would like to change it manually, we may recommend you to play around by changing the lines. Here is a quick tip on how to do that:

This is also one of the long-awaited features so our team has already planned this for the next update. When we update the template, we also send the new version free of charge to our customers who have previously purchased the template.

How can I use the sub-layout option? Should I use it or is it optional?

It is optional.

If you won’t select an option, the template will create an organization chart with a default option. Let’s say, you changed the layout of the manager. Once you do that, the layout of the person who reports to that manager will be affected automatically.

Please do not forget to select the same layout option for all related people.

What if I delete one person from the organization? Should I re-enter my all data again?

For now, we do not have the add/remove rows feature in the existing Org Chart Maker template.

It is not possible to do because of the logic behind the template. But we noted this feature for future updates. Moreover, when we update the template, we send the new version immediately to our customers who have bought it before.

Is it possible to show all the departments of the organization on the same chart?


It is quite possible but we recommend adding up to 1000 people at the same time to display it properly. Otherwise, it would be impractical to create it.

Can I show the person role at the top and then the name?

Job titles are the core of the organization.

That’s why we’ve tried to create a box format according to the best practices which are used for years by many companies.

Since this is the most essential part of the chart you won’t be able to change the order of the person role and name. But you can change the chart box format such as color and font size from the settings part.

Is it possible to add any arrows?


Once you create a chart, you can also make some manual modifications on it. Such as drawing new arrows, changing border colors, and re-shaping the box sizes.

I don’t need to show photos for all employees. Can I show a photo of just specific people instead of showing for all of them?

Not actually.

There is an option to show or hide photos. So once you select to show them, it will be applied to everyone. But you can leave the ones you do not want to add any pictures blank.



23 reviews for Automatic Org Chart Maker – Premium Version

  1. Doug

    I am getting this error message all time, “All empty! Start building your chart.” If I paste in 50 lines at a time, for some reason, the “All Empty” message disappears, but it still says in the error box that there are people in the “Reports to” column who are not in the name column – but it doesn’t mark them on individual lines – and, honestly, I don’t think there are any errors actually.
    Is there a practical limit in the number of rows? I’m trying to do an org with 370 employees. Can you help please?

    • Someka

      Hi Doug, we will be happy to help you solve the issues you are having.

      So, we would like to answer all of them below:

      – When you start to fill in the names inside the org chart data table, the “All Empty! Start building your chart.” message will disappear automatically.
      – First, you have to define all person names you would like to use on the org chart. After that, the template will allow you to select that person for the “Reports to” column. So, anyone who is on the “reports to column” should appear also in the “names column”.
      – We recommend adding up to 1000 person so you should be able to add 370 people without any issue.

      Hope our explanation helps you!

  2. Frode Reme

    One of the box is missing in the org. shart (short of space). Can you help? I couldn’t fix

    • Someka

      Hi Frode,

      Thanks a lot for your interest!

      Did you leave a blank line in the data table and then enter another new person? This must be the reason for this issue. Please be careful not to leave any blank rows while entering the data.
      If you still get the same error message even though you remove the blank line, please contact us.

  3. Ellie

    Hi, I am very interested in purchasing the Premium version of your software for the company I work for but am wondering if you can advise on the following:
    1. Can you have multiple sheets for different business units or is it just one large spreadsheet?
    2. If one large spreadsheet, can you change the view so it only shows a particular department/team?

    • Someka

      Hi Ellie,

      Thanks a lot for your interest! We will be happy to answer your questions.

      Q1: Of course, you can create a separate org chart for each department. On the other hand, you can use one sheet to show the whole company and departments.

      Q2: We must remind you that if you want to use a single sheet to show all departments, you have to link them to each other. It is not possible to divide them into different labels or categories. Besides that, you can draw additional frames manually to specify each department. But, you should do this after creating the final version of the organizational chart.

      Hope that helps!

  4. Orlando

    Great product, really easy to use and comes across as well designed and solid. Would give it 5 stars if there was an easy way to add more than 1 extra field to what can be displayed

  5. Prerna Kashyap

    Very good template and user friendly too… Quick customer support is the best part..

  6. JA

    Great template and I found it easy to use. It would also be useful to have an option to add a dotted-line for indirect reporting.

    • Someka

      Hello there! Thanks a lot for your such a great feedback. We will consider your request and if we update it, we will send you for free. Until then we can offer you a quick manual solution for drawing dotted-line:

      Open Format cells with right click -> Border Options -> Select Dotted Line Style


      Hope that helps!

  7. Mostafa Mohamed

    Very good

  8. Susan King

    I had a need to use the ” chat “function with Someka for some assistance with a problem I was having and it was very helpful . They were very patient , asked me questions and we worked through it together and I was able to send them my file and there were able to fix the error and send it back in a timely manner so I could get on with my task that had a deadline. I really appreciated their efforts .

  9. Jane Ewing

    This was my very first paid template here on Someka, customer support is super awesome and tech guys are very open and friendly.

  10. tony23

    Good but not beginner friendly. It was hard for me to understand how to use sub-layout options at first. It goes well after you get used to.

  11. Thomas

    Template designed for small-medium companies (<1000 employees). Great job for small-medium structures, especialy in the positioning of the employees.

    * The more employees you add, the more it weight due to the recalculation in the file.
    * Adding the 1001 employee, you will need to unlock the whole file to adjust all the formulas…. and it's quite long and painfull…

    • Someka

      Thank you Thomas for taking time to write your review.
      In the near future, we are planning to upgrade the codebase and algorithms in the template so that it will work much faster even after 1000 employees.
      We will be sending the updated version to previous customers as well.
      Kind regards

  12. Ankush Rana

    I’m working on an org chart and so far it worked well. Just one thing, I wish to add an assistant position and want to appear it sideways (not below)

    • Someka

      Thanks for feedback! We plan to add assistant feature for the upcoming versions! You will receive it for free, when it gets published.

  13. F. Shah

    Great template but some confusion how many employees can add.

    • Someka

      Thanks for your feedback! Actually default limit for number of employees is 1000. But, if you wish, you can edit the template to add more. However, please keep in mind that, it will be impractical to see that many employees in one sheet.

  14. Erik W

    I searched a long time for a tool to generate an org chart for a > 850 person R&D organization. I was really happy to find someka. There’s no better way to generate an org chart than this. The value of the time it saved me far exceeded the cost of the tool. The org chart tools in MS Office and Visio are really awful in comparison. One really nice benefit is the error checking of the org chart. If there are inadvertent duplications of names, you will find them easily. The ability to perform conditional formatting is really useful (change colors based on org data, for example). When I had a question, someka turned around a solution in less than 24 hours, and solved the problem. I didn’t waste any time wading through “general” outsourced tech support that so many companies have these days. Thanks for an outstanding product!

    • Someka

      Hi Erik. Thanks a lot for your nice comments and really happy that the tool was helpful for you.
      It is so important to get this feedback from such a professional like you!

  15. milena-wood

    Like flexibility

  16. Anniegetyourgun

    This works perfectly for us! It’s saved me hours creating org charts. Great customer support too. Well worth the $!

  17. Griere Fox

    This tool is really great and does what it says! One time payment and immediate download options make life easier indeed! Thanks again.

  18. Pierce Sreshthaputra Coverdale

    Easy to use to make quick organization chart. Very handy item to have in office

  19. niko98

    Just used this template. I have no prior knowledge before , customer support is fast enough.

  20. Demi Purnato

    I’m so content that I’ve purchased your Org Chart Maker tool! Great customer support and very useful tool. Worths its price!


    Works great! Thanks

  22. Mohammed Ahmed

    It’s great full template for us thanks someka

  23. Özgür

    I’think it’s perfect template for our company.
    Thank u Someka’s team

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