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Do your templates work with Google Sheets or OpenOffice?

We develop and test our templates only for Microsoft Excel. Some of our simple templates may work in GS, OpenOffice or Numbers. But we can't guarantee.

Do you offer free trials for your modifiable templates?

Unless stated otherwise on product page, we don't offer free trial. But they have explanatory videos. Besides, check our free templates to see the quality.

What does Someka mean?

It is a big secret! Thanks for asking though :-)

What if your template doesn’t work as expected? Can I get a refund?

Since digital products can be copied/distributed easily, we normally don't provide refunds. But contact us and tell your case. We'll try to find a solution.

What if you update and improve the template in the future. How will I get it?

All our premium templates come with free lifetime updates. We send the updates to your email address which you used when you downloaded the template.

I purchased your template and loved it! Can I share it with my friend/colleague?

With a Multi-User license, you can use it within the same company but can't distribute to other companies. Refer to our Terms & Conditions page for details.

I need some modifications to the template. Will you do it for me?

Sure! Please refer to our Custom Services for tailor-made Excel Template development according to your specific requests.

How secure is this website?

We regularly have our website and templates scanned by global security companies for malicious software. is secured by 128-bit SSL Certificate.

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