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SWOT Analysis Template

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Nicely designed SWOT Analysis Template in Excel. Free to download, ready to print and includes guidance to fill in your analysis.

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SWOT analysis is a widely used strategic approach which helps the decision givers to evaluate their businesses from different aspects. We have prepared this SWOT Analysis Template in Excel so that you can easily start putting your variables and focus on your daily business.

What is SWOT Analysis?

Whether it is a new project, a business initiative or product launch, there are lots of things to be considered. Using a common framework is useful for business people to be able to speak the same “language” when they are making decisions. SWOT is a generally accepted strategic framework which categorizes the decision variables into 4 main groups: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

  • Strengths (Internal): What are your strongest assets? Financials, manpower or location? What makes you better than competition?
  • Weaknesses (Internal): What are the main things you need improvement in your company? Are your competitors better than you in certain areas? What do you need to avoid?
  • Opportunities (External): Is your market growing? What are the trends that will help you build your business in the future? And will you be able to take advantage of it?
  • Threats (External): Is there any potential risk regarding your business model? What is the possibility to face a lawsuit? Is your market shrinking?

Answering these questions and evaluating your business from these four different aspects will help you give healthy decisions.

SWOT Analysis Excel Template Features

We have prepared our SWOT Excel Template with a professional design. It also includes some side notes which will help you to enhance your analysis. After completing the analysis, you can write down your final notes to the Analysis Summary & Evaluation Notes section at the bottom.

  • Easy to fill Free SWOT Template
  • Professional design for presentations
  • Full Print Ready
  • Informational notes included
  • No installation needed. Ready to use.
  • Works both on Mac and Windows
  • Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions
  • Does not include any VBA macros

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This SWOT Analysis Template is ready-to-use and provided as is. If you need customization on your reports or in need of more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.


14 reviews for SWOT Analysis Template



  2. Mario P.

    Perfect- love it too much..

  3. FK

    How can i use the modifying version for free

    • Someka

      Hello there!

      Modifiable version gives you the rights to modify, customize and remove the branding. That’s why we provide two different licence types to our users to use the tool as they wish. If you would like to learn more about it, check this explanation.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Grant Hamilton

    Thank you for this easy to follow worksheet. I’m using it for my own personal goals and also to move forward in my career.

  5. Dont foolme

    Completely useless – No download of “free” template but GET MODIFIABLE VERSION WITH PASSWORD. Dont foolme

    • Someka

      Hello there!

      As default, we’ve designed this template ready-to-use and structured for you. But you can use it also without buying modifiable version for free. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your download problems!

  6. Crystal


  7. Allan Zhao


  8. Richard

    Awesome template

  9. Brianna Leaver

    good framework!!

  10. narender3

    thx for the additional knowledge on sheet, more powerful!

  11. amy_w

    Great Site, you gave me allot of good information

  12. thomas

    Very helpful and appreciated! I liked the quick notes.

  13. Duyen P

    It was LOOKS GOOD! It worked for me. Do you also have an example of SWOT analysis in maintenance business?

    • Someka

      Hi Duyen! Thanks for your feedback. SWOT Excel template can be easily adjusted according to your requirement. But for doing this you need to have modification rights which you can check from here: Get Modifiable Version

  14. Alex ten Voorde

    Thanks you so much for these templates- very user friendly and just what i needed!

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