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Real Estate KPI Dashboard

4.75 (4 reviews)

Real Estate KPI Dashboard will give specific metrics of acquisition and property management. Quantifiable measures, Past and Current Year Comparison!


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The property management industry is a highly diversified sector. Each type has different properties. So there is always competition and it is important to get the big part of the pie. In the direction of improving the performance nowadays more and more managers are using Key Performance Indicators to make their office or system more effective and efficient. This Real Estate KPI Dashboard will help you to understand what is missing or what causes your performance to stay in the same level.

By researching some of the most important KPIs, there are 25 commonly used Real Estate KPI Metrics under 5 different categories:


Now, let’s look closer to each of them!

Real Estate KPI Dashboard Template Features:

The navigation button enables you to switch between other worksheets and the last three buttons stand for Current Year Actual, Current Year Target, and Past Year Actual which you can input your values manually in this Excel Template.


Warning!: The metrics we input are easily modifiable however please do not forget that once you type your metrics or change existing ones, you should change/add the metric on other sections as well. For example, if you are going to measure new Net Profit metric to the Current Year Actual section, just add it to the CY Target and PY Actual worksheets.


Charts section will help you compare your data trends forming with the line chart. Here, we aim to give you a clear visual representation of your Real Estate KPI performance according to the selected KPI.


When you are analyzing the Real Estate KPI dashboard, you can compare your monthly and cumulative results and try to understand past year and company targets realization rate.

Detailed Description of Real Estate KPI Metrics:

Depending on the preferences and business types of each establishment some formulas may vary. Choose and determine the best formula for your establishments such as if you are going to use a simple average formula or a weighted average formula.

Company-Properties-S05Company Properties

Average commission per sale: This is the average amount of money a real estate office makes for each transaction. The formula stands for: The total commission in a month (or a given time) / # of transaction Real Estate office launched in that given time.

Average commission per salesperson: This is the average amount of money a real estate agent makes for each transaction. The formula stands for:

The total commission in a month (or a given time) / # of salespersons in the Real Estate office.

Average dollar per square foot: This metric shows the average price per square foot in a given market over time.

Average sold price: This metric shows the average home prices in a given time to understand the trending and the structure of a given market.

Profitability per square foot: It is the average net profit amount you gain per square foot. The formula stands for:

The net profit you make (in a month or given time ) / The sum of the square foot of the estates which you earned a profit.

Net profit: It is the net profit you obtain at the end of the month after you subtract all your costs from your costs.


Renting Costs: It is the average amount of cost which occurs during the renting process.

Rent-Ready Costs: It is the average amount of cost of a single house to get prepared for renting.

Repair and Maintenance Costs: It is the average amount of cost of a house for the repair and maintenance of an estate.

Property Management

Number of visits per real estate sale: This is the average number of times a realtor shows the property to potential buyers before the property sells.

Rented space usage quality (RSUQ): It is the average number of customer visits a day divided by rented space. Measure as 1/square foot. Depending on the preferences the formula stands for:

Average RSUQ: Total visits / Total square feet of the house visited OR

Weighted average RSUQ: Visit % (House A) / Square foot (House A) + Visit % (House B)/ Square foot (House B) + …

Sold homes inventory ratio: This metric tracks how many homes were sold out of the total listings in a given market. The formula stands for:

# houses sold / Listed houses (or listed as for sale)

Vacancy rate: This metric tracks how many houses or estates have been rented over total listed units. The formula stands for:

#Houses rented / Listed houses (or listed as for renting).

Revenue per square foot: It is the average net revenue amount you gain per square foot.

Management efficiency: This metric shows how efficient is your management. The formula stands for:

(The number of leased and/or sold houses) / number of staff.


Absorption Rate: Define a market or area and then divide the total number of available homes by the number of homes sold over the given time frame. The formula stands for:

# of Houses your real estate office sold / # Total Houses available in the region you determine.

% Difference of asking and selling prices: It is the % difference between the asking and selling price of the properties the real estate agent is selling. The formula stands for:

(Price (Ask) – Price (Sell)) / Price(Sell).

Number of Days on Market: This is the average number of days a property remains in inventory (from listing to closing).


Conversion Rate: This metric tracks the percentage of Number of successful actions over the number of visits. The formula stands for: # of successful actions / # of total visits.

Traffic source percentage: It is the percentage of referrals over total visits on your website. Calculated as (# referrals/ # total visits to your website)

Web Visits: It is the total amount of web visits you have during a single month (or a given time).

Contacts: It is the number of people (customer or potential customer) you talk to every month.

Buyer/Broker Agreements: The number of buyers who have signed you as their exclusive agent.

Listing Agreements: The number of sellers who have signed you to sell their house.

Tenant Turnover: It stands for Tenants who have moved out during the month (or a given time) in a given place over the total number of units in the same given place. The formula stands for:

#Tenants who have moved out / #Total units

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Real Estate KPI Dashboard Features Summary:

  • Periodic and Accumulative analysis for Corporate Real Estate KPIs
  • Past year and Target Values Comparisons
  • Overview dashboard with interactional charts
  • A simple design which is easy to use for presentations
  • Straightforward on-sheet directives
  • Excel 2007 (+ later versions) compatibility
  • Windows and Mac Compatible
  • No download/installation required. Ready-to-use.
  • Print-ready
  • White Label
  • No Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Macros

This Real Estate KPI Dashboard Excel template is ready-to-use and provided as is. If you need customization on your reports or in need of more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.


Watch the video below to see the template in action! Presentantation also includes usage notes, explanations and tips & tricks about the template.



4 reviews for Real Estate KPI Dashboard

  1. Khaled

    Dear Someka,
    I have bought the real estate KPI sheet from you almost a year ago. I am not able to use it the best way possible till this day. I need professional help to go through it, as i have no time to read nor learn on my own. I can make time for whom ever you may think is fit to go through this sheet with me. Do you give a support like this?

    • Someka

      Hi Khaled,

      First of all thanks a lot for your interest!

      We mostly provide support to our customers to solve an issue or error message on the template. Besides that, we are preparing product videos to show all features of our templates in detail and show how to use them. But, unfortunately, we do not give support as you needed in our standard support procedure. But, if you would like to work with an Excel Expert for this KPI template, please have a look at our customization process.

      Hope that helps! Regards,

  2. Lucy1

    Would highly recommend to anyone thinking about all in one reporting dashboard. It is a must have for real estate agency like us.

  3. rachel

    Reporting through the use of words aren’t really that helpful especially if what we’re talking about is the status of our businesses, efforts, and work in real estate. It helped me to gather the all necessary data and present it in a more detailed way.Also their support team will be there for you. Kudos guys!

  4. Nadine Luna

    there is not much software for KPI out there, it is low cost and i like the dashboards. overall it gives you all the required data in the required format.

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