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Lead List Template

4.45 (31 reviews)

Lead List Template is an Excel spreadsheet to help you record and track key customer data to ensure you’re working with the most up-to-date info.

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Collection of customer information will lead to focus on more targeted prospects. Because you will know who you are targeting and evaluate their value for your business. Well-organized lead tracking will help you to identify more engaged customers and remove those who don’t respond to your sales/marketing effort anymore.

Instead of keeping your client info in pieces, you can use this customer follow-up sheet as a basic CRM tool, in order to track communications with customers and plan follow-up contacts.

A Lead Tracking Excel Template will help you to track and keep updated your client information, in an organized way.

With this lead list template you will be able to easily record this info:

  • General Info: Business Name, Business Category, Contact Name
  • Progress Info: Current Progress, Status Flag
  • Address Info: Address, Country, City, State, Zip, Region, Phone Number, Fax Number
  • Digital Info: Main Email, Alternative Email, Web Site, and Notes

In the General Info section, once you fill in the necessary information about your contact list, the Progress column will provide different options you can easily select. After that, the status symbols will be updated accordingly.

Lead List Template - General Info

All the default titles can be adjusted to be suitable for your business. Because this Excel template doesn’t contain any macros or complex formulas, you can use it as is.

Lastly, there is a table contains Progress Dropdown information. You will be able to add or change your selections and define a value for the progress of lead tracking.

Lead List Template - Progress Dropdown

Features Summary:

  • Free Download
  • Sales Lead Tracking Excel Template
  • Simple Framework to Track Contact list
  • No Installation needed. Ready-to-use.
  • Works both on Mac and Windows
  • Clean, professional design
  • Print Ready
  • Compatible with Excel 2007 and later
  • Does not include any VBA macros

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Watch the video below to see the template in action! Presentantation also includes usage notes, explanations and tips & tricks about the template.



31 reviews for Lead List Template

  1. Supparoek

    Great! you saved me a lot of time. Thank you.

  2. Kane Dr

    Simple but very useful and professional looking spreadsheet. Thank you.

  3. Chris H

    Hi, I just downloaded the lead list template to try out. Seems great. Before I purchase it, is there a way to import my client list into it? from Outlook or maybe a csv file?

    • Someka

      Hi Chris,

      You definitely can input your own data to the Lead List template.

      We recommend you to import your data from csv file or any other source to a blank Excel file and then copy and paste your list. This way you will keep the formatting of the template.

      For example, to import data from a csv file, in a blank Excel sheet please go to the Data tab from the top menu and then Get Data > From File > From Text/CSV option. Select the file you want to import and then Load.

      When you’ve got your list, please do not forget to use paste as values option. To paste as value, you may use CTRL + Alt + V shortcut key and then select Values.

  4. Md Saiful Islam

    Thank you very much.

  5. Liah Gingerich

    I am trying to unprotect the sheet to modify it but it has a password. What is the password to unlock the excel document?

    • Someka

      Hi Liah,
      If you want to edit the template according to your needs, you have to download the modifiable version. You will receive the password inside the zip file as soon as you download it!
      For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


  6. Martin Nahstoll

    Can I add column’s in the address book? Current one does not have room for Mobile Phone # column. Thanks

    • Someka

      Hi Martin,

      Of course, you can add a new column for your needs. Besides that, if you do not need the “Fax Number” column, you can rename and enter “Room Number” instead.

      Hope that helps!

  7. Manish

    Awesome, very nice stuff, I was searching for it for a very long time. Thanks

  8. Nicole Tongue

    Just purchased and cannot make a single modification.

    • Someka

      Hello Nicole!

      Did you unprotect your sheets before making a modification with the password? The password gives you the modification rights which you can find it in the ZIP file.

      To unprotect your sheet:

      Go to Review Tab
      Click Unprorect Sheet
      Enter your password

      Hope this helps! Otherwise, you can always contact us to get more information about unprotecting sheet:

  9. Joshua Mitchell

    Perfect, just about round it up

  10. loai

    very good

  11. Ralph

    It is a very cool way to see all your ongoing work in one place. Thumbs up guys!

  12. Brett

    I am managing a sales team and have already tried different tools for tracking but sometimes we just got lost because of enormous data that we have to figure out and they did not fit our needs but I have just downloaded your tool and I am very happy with it so far. Let me give you a little trick according to my previous experiences. Just add a “chance of sale” column in database so it would provide more accurate results overall.

    • Someka

      Hi Brett,

      First of all, thanks a lot for your time to spend writing a review! The feedback of our customers is very important to us, especially if it is based on experience. We will evaluate it when there is any update on template. Thanks again!

  13. megha

    Good stuff! if I did it myself I could not create something like this that perfectly suits me.

  14. Cph

    This sales funnel template provides a visual representation of the sales process, along with whatever sales data you choose to include. The template can be used as a scorecard to evaluate sales progress, and the funnel makes it easy to visualize the steps in your sales process. This free template is a simple but effective tool for reaching sales and business goals.

    • Someka

      Thank you for your wonderful feedback! Appreaciated!

  15. Bibi Montoya

    ive been searching for this

  16. Mario wang

    Thank you very much, i was struggling to track my open leads, and could find suitable one!

  17. Bob11

    I loved the status flags, when I need a follow-up, just filtering it and DONE. Simple but effective, that’s what I most like.

  18. Derek Crandall

    It will be perfect for me if I can hide the unnecessary parts. For example, I don’t wanna see the columns to fill fax number over and over again. It would be better to keep it optional for customer to open it when it is needed.

  19. Ben

    Just one more Miss leading site. You say its free download, but make the file non editable. What a strategy !!

    • Someka

      Hi Ben,

      First of all, thanks for your time to spend to write feedback. All comments are welcomed!

      You can use the template as a free without any issue, so you do not need any password to use it.
      If you want to modify the template such as removing our logo, changing colors or structure, you need to purchase a modifiable version.For further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  20. Delroy

    That would be awesome if the tool has the last/next contact date columns. But overall it is very useful.

    • Someka

      Hi Delroy,
      Thanks a lot for your feedback! We noted it. You can be sure that we will consider this request, if we decided to update the template.

  21. MM


  22. todd

    It is too basic for us. We have lots of jobs that needs to be categorized so it does not meet my needs

  23. Elmer

    great product for new business, thanks team

  24. T Moore

    This tool is exactly what I am looking to make our tracking process more effective. there was a section I did not need to see but it is very easy to edit. Thanks Someka!

  25. Elisa

    Miss leading. They say it’s free, but it’s only free if you don’t want to use it. As soon as you try to make it your own you have to pay for it. Why would I want a template with fields filled out with content I can’t use.

    • Someka

      First of all, we really appreciate that you’ve taken your time to write this review and share it with us. All comments are welcomed!

      So actually all of our free templates can be used without purchasing modifiable version. If you want to enter data you should delete only the white area which is created for manual enterings. As far as we understand, you have tried to delete by selecting all of the sections of the template and you thought that you can not delete the dummy information we input for example. But you are completely free to delete the white sections.

      Modifiable versions are only for the users who would like to remove logos, set different colours or change the general structure of the tool. Bottom line, you can use all main functions of the template for free.

      Hope this clarified things up for you Elisa, otherwise please do not hesitate to contact us, I would be happy to help you!

  26. Sandeep Sanyal

    user friendly and since it comes free good for a start.

  27. Riyaz Khan pathan

    nice to have this collection

  28. John Chamberlain

    Great example of a professional lead flow sheet. Thank you!

  29. zakariya3292

    Professional with a good price, Thanks,

  30. kenpatel



    I just purchased your Lead List Template and I need to modify it to fit the needs of my business. When I try to make changes it says I need a password. How do I get a password? Somehow I missed that..

    • Someka

      Hello Ann, after payment process we always send the password via e-mail. Could you please check your inbox /spam folder? In case you’ve missed or lost it, we can send it again. Please contact us!


      Thanks, I found it and everything is working beautifully.

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