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Financial Forecasting and Planning Model

4.5 (2 reviews)

Excel Financial Forecasting and Planning Model is a comprehensive spreadsheet template that enables finance professionals to forecast their businesses.


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Creating a set of forecasts for your business is a fundamental for any organisation which seeks to be successful. A forecasting exercise is a financial assessment that’s based on historical record and future projections. By looking at the past to help plan and predict the future with the Financial Forecasting and Planning Model, you can gain much better control over your company’s financial performance.

We have developed this Financial Forecasting and Planning Model with the help of FD4Cast Ltd. from UK. The firm has over 10 years of experience in the financial modelling and forecasting market. This solution aims to provide most flexible but robust financial modelling solution for businesses.

Financial Forecasting and Planning Model Features

Whether you want to learn profitability, predict future liabilities and funding gaps, see what the future cash flows and returns on investment are, these are all extremely important measures.

Financial Forecasting and Planning Model is a forecasting and budgeting system in Excel. The solution lets you quickly create user-friendly spreadsheet models including P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow.

Basically, the model works with this simple logic:


There are two different versions for Monthly and Weekly financial forecast (Demo Model is also included in the package). When you open the model, the tool comes with a pre-built Excel ribbon menu. It is a custom menu at the top menu. This menu is for easily navigating between different sections.

Financial-Forecasting-and-Planning-Model-Someka-S02-Ribbon Menu


Balance: You can input opening trial balance info (for existing companies) in this section. Unwind TB and related settings are here, at the beginning of the template in order to make easier for you.

Income & Expenses: Tracking Income and Expenses is the most important step you can take for your business.

  • Forecasted income
  • Revenue distribution
  • Debtor profiles
  • Variable or Fixed costs are some of the indicators of this section.


Also, you will find payroll details, salaries and so on.

Assets: Assets are the resources owned by business as a result of past transactions which is capable to generate financial benefit. The third section of this template is for assets. You will able to manage your stock, inventory, equipment and all fixed assets here. If the user needs cash deposit information, it can be input here.

Finance & BS: Being a successful company takes time, resource and good finances. Inventories, new machinery and equipment, outstanding debts and expenditure on materials all require careful financing by the business. This section is used to manage how your company is financed. You will input your Loans, Leases and Factoring details and manage Balance Sheet details like Inter-Co, Equity and other adjustments.

Taxes: Taxes and the currency ratios are defined in this section. Any foreseen changes will be input until the end of the model year.

Warning!: Note that the Financial Forecasting and Planning Model Start Date will be set with the Configure Model button:


Standard Reports: After you proceed with the input fields, this section is comprised of basic financial reports, which are as follows:

  • P&L
  • Cash Flow
  • Balance Sheet

Also, it is possible to create custom reports according to your requirements.

Model Tools: The seventh section consists of other great features of the template such as:

  • Scenario planning
  • Budget creation
  • Tool adjustment features

The best thing is that it is in Excel, so no need to learn complex software in order to use it. Furthermore, you can add your own sheets and build up assumptions all within one model rather than having to import or link from other data sources.

Financial Forecasting and Planning Model Features Summary:

  • Financial Forecast Excel Template for Businesses
  • Includes all required forecasting elements
  • Reports for Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow
  • Compatible with Excel 2007 -2016
  • Monthly and Weekly Financial Forecasting
  • No-installation needed, ready to use.
  • Works on Windows

For a further explanation consult the help guide at

This Financial Forecast Excel template is ready-to-use and provided as is. If you need customization on your reports or need more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.


2 reviews for Financial Forecasting and Planning Model

  1. Kareem

    I’ve looked at the demo – impressive! However, it seems like this is only designed for a Trading Co. We have an IT Service Shop.

    • Someka

      Hi Kareem,

      First of all, thank you for your interest! Appreciated!
      We have created our template for all organizations which seek to be successful as we already mentioned in our product description. So, you can also use it for your company as well. After you download the template you will be able to make some modifications according to your needs on your own.


  2. Dominico Brandares Jr.

    Downloaded the free trial. Many thanks. The template is ok. Unfortunately, I am in the cooperative business and this template is not suitable for my needs.

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