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Someka Excel Templates and Spreadsheets

Someka provides instant download Excel Templates in order to boost your productivity and efficiency. Just type your own data inside the data tables and the template will do the rest.

With these templates, you can manage your financial budget, create an invoice or your company org chart automatically, and prepare a feasibility study model or a financial plan in a hassle-free way.

Just take a look at product videos to have more idea about the quality and utility of Someka Excel templates and download free versions to try.

  • KWL Chart Excel Template


    KWHLAQ chart maker in Excel. Track your learning process. Nice-looking, easy-to-fill and printable KWL Diagram. No installation needed. Ready to use.

  • Marketing ROI Calculator Excel Template


    Digital marketing ROI calculator in Excel. Analyze social media campaign metrics. Printable dashboard and charts. Ready for use with on sheet guidance.

  • Food Cost Excel Template


    Recipe Cost Calculator Spreadsheet. Calculate cost of your menu items. Printable sales summary & recipe tables. No installation needed. All in Excel.

  • Pharmacy Financial Model Excel Template


    Financial model spreadsheet for medical stores. Feasibility study, forecasts & budget plans. Printable financial statements. Dynamic charts. All in Excel.

  • Discounted Cash Flow Excel Template


    DCF valuation spreadsheet in Excel. Estimate value of future cash flows. CAPM and Actual Dividend methods. Printable dashboard with charts.

  • Russia Geographic Heat Map Generator Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet to create Russia Heat Map. Visualize your data on a density map automatically. Editable shapes compatible with Powerpoint.

  • Australia Geographic Heat Map Generator Excel Template


    Dynamic Excel spreadsheet to create Australia Heat Map. Paint states automatically according to your data. Editable shapes compatible with Powerpoint.

  • Clothing Store Financial Model Excel Template


    Easy-to-use financial model for clothing business. Feasibility study, forecasts and budget. Printable financial statements. Ready for use. All in Excel.

  • Switzerland Geographic Heat Map Generator Excel Template


    Automated Excel template to create Heat Map of Switzerland with a button click. Enter your own data and specify the colors. Compatible with Powerpoint.

  • Mail Merge & Email Sender Excel Template


    This Mail Merge & Email Sender Template in Excel will help you to create a single message or bulk emails and send them via Outlook with VBA.

  • Currency Converter Excel Template


    Exchange rates spreadsheet. Get historical currency rates. One-click conversions in world currencies with printable and dynamic charts. All in Excel.

  • Salon Financial Model Excel Template


    Hair & Beauty Salon Financial Model Template in Excel. Feasibility study and budget planning. Printable financial ststaments. Ready for use.

  • Rotation Schedule Excel Template


    Excel ROTA Template. Simple shift planner for employees. Hourly, weekly and monthly schedules with custom shift options. Full print ready.

  • Excel CRM Template


    Easy-to-use yet powerful CRM Template in Excel. Track your tasks, customers, meetings with a kanban dashboard and calendar. Works in Mac & Windows.

  • Excel Box and Whisker Plot Maker


    Automatic box and whisker template. Create box plot diagrams with one-click. Dynamic chart and quartiles with different color options. All in Excel.

  • Histogram Maker Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet for histogram diagrams. Create bar graphs in seconds. Printable dynamic charts with data split options. No installation needed.

  • T-Chart Excel Template


    T-Chart Maker in Excel. Create many T-chart diagram types. Simple, clean and printable spreadsheet. No installation needed. Ready for use.

  • Excel COVID Tracking Spreadsheet for Employers


    COVID-19 Tracker Template in Excel. Monitor health status & risk groups during pandemic. Employee timesheet included. Easy and ready for use.