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Airbnb Calculator Google Sheets Template

4.8 (5 reviews)

Income tracker in Google Sheets for AirBnb hosts. Track your daily bookings in dynamic dashboard. Easy-to-use tool with access from all devices.

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In the Airbnb Calculator Google Sheets Template, you can keep track of all your income and expenses in one place. Also, this Airbnb Income Statement will ensure you keep a financial overview of all your short-term rental properties over time.

Moreover, you can use this Google Sheets template to create a quick report that can be shared easily with other colleagues online.

Airbnb Calculator Google Sheets Template Features:

In general, this template consists of six major sections, and we’ll review each of them individually.

1. Menu:

Firstly, the Menu section serves two purposes, first to navigate between other sheets, and secondly to customize Airbnb Calculator settings by filling in these tables: “Expense Item”, “Channel”, “Starting Month”, “Currency” and “Calendar View”.

Setting Part

In addition, in this table, you can add any currency type you wish. Importantly, the settings of this sheet will be reflected in other sheets as well. Just choose what month you want to start the template with.

2. Property Database:

Secondly, here you will add your property records to the tables. Do not input duplicate values for the property name column or you will receive a warning. You can add up to 30 properties in this section of Airbnb Calculator Google Sheets Template.

3. Records:

Thirdly, enter the rent records into the tables of the Record Sheet. As long as you input channel information, it will activate the calculation. Additionally, please input only dates for the “Check in” and “Check out” columns.

Check in and Out

Moreover, if you see “!” in the “Overbooking” column, you should check the dates. So, don’t enter multiple data for the same property on the same dates. Additionally, this section of the Airbnb Calculator Google Sheets Template includes 300 rows.

4. Expenses:

It is just a matter of entering your expense records into the table. Please choose the year first and then enter your data into the related month. Moreover, you have 1000 rows to work with in this sheet.

5. Summary Dashboard of Airbnb Calculator Google Sheets Template:

By using dropdowns like Year, Month and Property, you can track your properties and channels. Then you can see some charts that help you visualize what is happening in managing your Airbnb income and expenses.

6. Calendar

Lastly, you can view the actual data for each day of a month by selecting a year, month, or year.

Rental Calendar

Meanwhile, all you need is an internet connection and a Google account to get started. And everything will be in sync!

Note: If you want this template in Microsoft Excel, you can download the Airbnb Calculator Excel Template.

Airbnb Calculator Google Sheets Template Features Summary:

  • Income expense tracker for Airbnb in Google Sheets
  • Dynamic filters and graphs
  • One sheet to track all expenses
  • Informational notes included
  • Ready-to-use template
  • Print-ready
  • Works on any operating system
  • Suitable for any device including mobile, tablet, desktop

Airbnb Calculator is a ready-to-use Google Sheets Template and provided as-is. If you need customization on your reports or need more complex templates, please refer to our Custom Services.


Watch the video below to see the template in action! Presentation also includes usage notes, explanations and tips & tricks about the template.



5 reviews for Airbnb Calculator Google Sheets Template

  1. Lupe Martinez


  2. Rebecca Rossi

    Nice one… Can you also make it for the rentals?

  3. Luke Ely

    Amazing work again !

  4. Daniel Wragge

    I bought it. There are only pdf files in the download!!!! Advice

    • Someka

      Sorry for the confusion about the files firstly. We send the links to our Google Sheets files in those pdf files. Because Google Sheets is an online tool, we have to send you the link to the template and we don’t want to increase the risks of broken links. That’s why we choose pdf files. Let us show you how to go to the actual Google Sheets file from the pdf.

      First, open the Download pdf file. There is a “Download Your Template” button on the page. Please click that button, it will directly take you to our template. You can see how the page must look down below. After going there, go to File >> select Make A Copy >> save your own copy to your Drive. You can start working with your own template after this is completed. (We also put an image to show you how to make a copy below)

      google sheets open pdf

      Hope this helps Daniel!

  5. Dayana Cabella

    Can I share it with my family? Single User

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