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Printable Price List Template for Small Business

4.8 (5 reviews)

Ready-to-use Price List Template for your products and services. Easily customize it according to your small business needs. All in Excel. Ready-To-Print.

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Price List consists of products or services prices, offered by sellers/vendors. Before purchasing an item, every customer wants to see the amount of money to pay for. Accordingly, product price list template help clients by simplifying the decision-making process before any purchase.

We have designed this Price List Template considering your small business needs. You can easily download and start to use it as is. It is all in Excel! By the way, you can easily save it as PDF and print.

Price List Template Features:

The template is constructed with 3 parts:


  1. Cover part is the part you could get a cover you would like to demonstrate for your customers.
  2. On the Database part input your own data type in the product number and product name and other descriptive properties which you would like to show.
  3. Price List shows you the products you would like to see.

Now, let’s dive into the each of them:


This part is optional but you may customize this cover by changing the date, logo, the company products, category, name and the website to prepare a nice cover for your price list.


Basically, this section is a kind of Excel Price List Database. Just input your products or services in the database table and write down the product codes which you want to appear on your list. Once you finish typing down, later this will help you to categorize and list these products and/or services on the “Price List” part.


Do not leave any blank rows in your database.


Once you change the Database with your raw data your products and/or services will be set to appear in here.


  • You can put down the properties of all the products that you want to show either by;
  • Selecting the product number by clicking the dropdown button in any cell from the “Product No” column.

It also has a printable cover and a professional design which you can send to your clients by exporting to PDF.


For vendor side, price list has numerous advantages as well. First of all, it looks much more professional. Also, you keep your product/service items and their prices, in an organized way. Moreover, you might get bored with questions related to the prices of your products or services. Instead of answering each price related question one by one, you can offer a price list and you can get rid of these questions. On the other hand, it is also more convenient for your customers, as they see the product and its price and make an appropriate purchase decision.

Features Summary:

  • Excel Price List Database
  • Compatible with Excel 2010 and later
  • Works both on Windows and Mac
  • No Installation
  • Slick design
  • Unique features (backend – frontend)
  • 3 spec areas
  • Print Ready
  • Includes Cover

Besides price list, another important document used everyday is invoice. Check our Invoice Template for your daily business.

This excel template is ready-to-use and provided as is. If you need customization on your reports or need more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.


Watch the video below to see the template in action! Presentantation also includes usage notes, explanations and tips & tricks about the template.



5 reviews for Printable Price List Template for Small Business

  1. Wilco H.

    This template is quite useful for me but it would be better if we can add invoice section to this tool. In that way it might meet completely my wishes and what I expected. Can it possible to do? Or do I need a custom template?

    • Someka

      Hi Wilco,
      We are happy that you like our template!

      The existing printable price list template can not generate an invoice but we also have another template which name is Price Quote Generator&Tracker. Have you looked at it before? If you want to create an invoice and need a database at the same time, it might be a good option for you as well. Otherwise, we also have a customization process if you prefer to get a tailor-made one. Here you can find detailed information on this page: Hire an Excel expert

  2. Deborah

    I purchased your Price List Template and I filled in the product number and the descriptions then I went to fill in pricing and I noticed it automatically rounds up to the nearest dollar. I need a cell to have 0.88 cents in it and it rounds up to $1. How can I change this?

    • Someka

      Hi Deborah,
      First of all, please make sure that you *unlock* the template. Now, please open the “Format Cells” window. In the number section, you should select currency among all of the categories. From the dropdown button, you can select the decimal numbers you want to see. Once you select the decimal places from there, it won’t round up the value anymore. Hope that helps! If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us anytime!

  3. Zchen Charli

    very nice, it will save me lot of time

  4. greg davies

    Gosh, if this works and is really Free, that would be fantastic.
    So many to choose from.

  5. cassandragoddardSOC


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