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Family Tree Maker with Photos – Premium Version

4.39 (23 reviews)

Unique Excel tool to create Family Tree from your own data with no hassle. Printable, easy-to-use and very quick. Works both on Mac and Windows.


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Family Tree Template by Someka helps you to picture your familial relations systematically on a tree format and with photo upload feature on this new version!

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to see clearly where you have come from and where you are going to, as a whole family. On the other hand, this premium version provides you to create your family tree template with photos in an easy way, with many additional features.

The Easiest Way of Using A Family Tree Template

In just 3 basic steps, you will be able to create your family tree:

  1. Type name, spouse name, family name and select sub layout in Excel. (If needed, you can add extra info in this step)
  2. Select person for whom you want to upload photo and insert his/her photo from your computer
  3. Click “Create Family Tree” button and your genealogy tree is ready within a few minutes!

Benefits of Someka Family Tree Template:

  • Cheaper compared to other family maker tools on web.
  • Very practical, since whole operation is done in Excel.
  • User-friendly thanks to New Photo Upload feature and Optional Sub Layout feature.

Automatic Family Tree Template – Premium Version Features:

  • Works both on Mac and Windows
  • Unique product for auto-generation of family tree chart in Excel
  • No installation needed. Ready to use.
  • New Photo Upload Feature
  • 4 Sub layout options: Below-Horizontal, Below-Vertical, Side-Horizontal, Side-Vertical
  • Extra info may be added optionally
  • Clear on sheet instructions (with turn on/off function)
  • Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions.
  • Easy to use and nice design
  • Box design can be changeable
  • Export to PDF feature
  • Print Ready

This excel template is prepared with VBA macros. Don’t forget to enable macros after you get it. If you need customization on your charts or in need of more complex schemes, just contact us via

If you need a more basic version without photo support, you can also check our basic family tree maker:

Automatic Family Tree Maker - Excel Template - Someka 2


Watch the video below to see the template in action! Presentantation also includes usage notes, explanations and tips & tricks about the template.


Family Tree Maker Product FAQ

Is there any limit to the number of generations?


There is no limitation for the number of generations in our template.

However, we recommend you to add up to 1000 people. More than this may result some performance issues on your end depending on the Excel version that you are currently using.

So if you have a very crowded family and want to add several thousands of people, our template will not be suitable for you.

What is the difference between the Basic and Premium version?

Basic Version: This version is used for small charts (with max 40 people in the family). It consists of 3 columns you can type in: Name, Spouse and Parents. And a sublayout column that will allow you to change the replacement of the members.

Premium Version: This can be used for larger family charts (up to 1000 people) and you will be able to add a picture and extra information for your family members besides the sub layout option.

How can I show both spouses pictures in my family chart?

You can not.

Spouses will be displayed as info because we aim to show one-genealogy at a time. Which means you cannot show parents of both yourself and your wife at the same time. For example, if your surname is “Smith”, you will create Smith’s genealogy tree.

Otherwise, it will not be possible to create a chart without confusing crossing lines when you try to show separate ancestry in one place. Most probably it could look something like this:


How can I show my wife's uncle / my aunt's nephew... etc?

Due to the same reason above, the template is designed to demonstrate one-genealogy of your family at a time.

Which means you can not show cousins or parents of both yourself and your wife at the same time.

What if I have re-married (e.g. death/divorce), is it possible to show this?

It is not possible to show multiple marriages but we have an Extra Info column that you can easily add personal information about people you have. However, if it will not be enough and you want to show more than one extra info on the chart, we have a special version for you.

It has 3 more additional info columns which show up the chart section as well.



If you want to get this, proceed with the payment process via this link.

I have created my family tree using your software, but when I came to print it, it is completely unreadable.

As for displaying more than 100 people, it would be extremely impractical and difficult to render what you want. That’s why it would be better to print out 40-50 members of your family at once.

If you want to change the font size, just right click on the box > Format Cells > Alignment tab uncheck Shrink to fit. 


23 reviews for Family Tree Maker with Photos – Premium Version

  1. Elias Akiki

    Dear Sirs

    Please note that I am willing to purchase the family tree pro version for USD 39.95 , whereby my daily online limit purchase is only 25USD how can we manage to split the payment so I can purchase the template within two days.

    I really appreciate you can find me a solution ASAP, I really need this template

    Thank you

    • Someka

      Hi Elias,

      Thanks a lot for your interest in our template! You can have a look at our acceptable payment methods from this link: What forms of payment do you accept?

      You might also select a different payment method to purchase the template or you can talk with your bank to increase your online payment limit.

      If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

      Kindly regards,

  2. Jenny L

    I’m trying to get SHEET with 2 columns of extra info to migrate to 3 column. I copied and pasted the columns and got the #REF messages. Help!

    How can I migrate/upgrade a 2 column family tree without retyping all info

    • Someka

      Hi Jenny,

      We will be happy to help you to move your previous data into the new template which has up to 3 extra columns. Please send your existing template to and explain to them what you need support to do.

      Best regards,

  3. Yellowf

    Hi, I have just paid and downloaded. Would like to understand is it possible to have the spouses appearing together (each with a separate box), or at least allow the spouses to be able to take on two photos? The current setup only allows showing one (e.g. just the photo of the Queen but not Prince Philip is certainly not ideal given both spouses are clearly of the same level of importance.

    • Someka

      Since the logic of the template is designed to report one-genealogy at a time, so spouses will be displayed as info only. So it is independent of the importance of the spouse. But, like you also mentioned one option could be including a photo together with the spouse, and including the information on the box.
      That’s also how some of our customers make extra use of the product.
      Hope that helps!

  4. Michiel Van K.

    I have been trying out the Premium Family Tree maker which does seem to be a nice tool.
    However, there is something not working with regards to the extra info fields for children: they are not shown in the family tree. Or am I doing anything wrong? Could you help me out please?

    • Someka

      Hi Michiel,
      Thanks a lot for your interest!
      Did you leave the “spouse” column blank for those family members? If yes, we recommend entering the “” sign to the spouse column instead of leaving it blank. Thus, the extra information column will appear automatically.
      We have shown how you should fill the data table on the product images above as well. If this can not help you to solve the issue, please contact us!
      All the best,

  5. Tammy Braun

    I have a chromebook and I cannot open the zip file and have it do anything except show as an excel file. I can’t make a tree with this??

    • Someka

      Hi Tammy,

      To be able to open the file, you need to unzip it first.

      Besides that, we have to stated that “Numbers” are not supported. So, you need to download Microsoft Excel for Mac to be able to use the template. You can have a look at this page to learn more: Do your templates work on Mac?


  6. Richard Vernon

    when I add my photos to my family tree & press Create, my photos don’t appear in the photo field. Help me please.

    • Someka

      Hi Richard,

      First of all, thanks a lot for your interest!

      You should check two points to make sure that you did everything correctly.

      1) Did you select the “Top Photo or Left Photo” option on the Chart type section? It should not be selected as “No Photo”.
      2) Did you upload the pictures for each person from the “Insert Photo” button?

      Important! Please be careful about the size of the picture. If the image file size is excessive from the Excel file can load, this might be the reason why you don’t see the picture on the family tree. We suggest trying to upload the dummy image/photo first (small file size) to make sure that the template is working properly.

      Hope that helps!

    • Richard Vernon

      Many thanks for your email. I tried your recommendation and it worked. My files were too large.

      But, I am still having a few issues. Firstly, When I convert my file to PDF, I am missing quite a few family members on the right side.

      Secondly, When I zoom in on the pictures they are very pixelated. ( My images are around 98.0KB). Can you please advise?

    • Someka

      Hi Richard,

      The reason for missing family members might be related to the scale of the family tree. If it exceeds the size of the A5 page, you might not see the overall family tree. You should select a different page selection from the “Print” options. Moreover, you can set the print area again and enlarge it by yourself from the “Page Break Preview” option. ( Please see the attached picture below).

      family tree comment pic1

      Best wishes,

    • Richard Vernon

      Thanks a lot! It worked.

  7. Marie Kuehne

    I just saw that you have a premium version that allows the addition of photos. Can I also add birthdays?

    • Someka

      Hi Marie,

      Of course! You can use the “Extra Info” column to add birthdays.

      Note! Please do not forget to select the “Yes” option for the Show Extra Info selection on the control panel.

      family tree show extra info pic

  8. Babak

    Hi, I was chatting online with your site and inquired about your version of the family tree software that captures some additional data points for the member like DOB or DOD, city / country, phone or email. The rep mentioned that you have a custom version and you would be able to share some pictures of what it looks like.

    My other challenge is see how your Excel macro generates a 250 person family tree with 13 first generation and then on and on. Do you have a visual of a large tree? How is that produced in an output file to be printed? Thanks

    • Someka

      Hi Babak,
      There is no limit to the number of generations in our template. However, we recommend you add up to 1000 people. We have already explained the reason in the FAQ section above.

      With the custom version, you will be able to add DOB or DOD, city/country, phone, or email via using these extra info columns. We have already uploaded pictures to show the custom version features.

      Can I kindly ask you to visit this answer on the FAQ section: “What if I have re-married (e.g death/divorce), is it possible to show this?”

      If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

    • Babak

      This is great. Two last questions:

      – What is the cost of the custom version? Will this also work on Mac OS version of Excel?
      – In the chart, you show four first generation which is fine but I’m starting with 13 first generation (take Q Elizabeth and show her with 13 children). Just want to know how this shows up in a chart.

    • Someka

      Hi Babak,

      It should be a link on the same FAQ question that you can reach the payment process for the custom version. Please do not forget to visit that page as well. Besides that, we have explained using our templates on Mac here: Do your templates work at Mac?

      According to the logic of the template, you only have to put one person at the top to create a family tree. But, we have a quick solution if you don’t want to put any person at the top.

      We attached a GIF below to show you the quick solution. You need to put an “Unk” person to the top while you create a chart and for the last step, you should remove it by following our steps below.

      family tree unk gif

      Hope that helps!

    • Babak

      GREAT! Thanks a lot.

  9. John

    I purchased PREMIUM FAMILY TREE MAKER with EXCEL TEMPLATE today. Very easy to use. However, I see that some individuals on my tree are and others are not including the EXTRA INFO I’ve included. Do you why that might be?

    • Someka

      Hi John,

      First of all, thanks a lot for your interest! We are happy that you love it.

      When you didn’t input any data inside the spouse column and left it as a blank instead, sometimes the template might not detect the extra infobox.

      That’s why it won’t show the data inside the Extra info column for those people. We just find a practical way to solve this; you can enter the “-” sign on the spouse column for the person that you don’t want to enter any information.

      Hope that helps!

    • John

      That works perfectly — thank you!

  10. Mutlak

    I’m subscribed to someka excel solution, i got an Automatic Family Tree Maker template.
    it’s working fine and i like it.
    I started filling up my family tripe members (around 300), i ignored the field (Spouse) and i make it blank when my family tree created it’s reserved space in the box, and the chart became bigger.
    i would like to omit the field (Spouse) completely from the dashboard and as well as printing.

    can you help me to customize the code to remove the spouse field?
    best regards

    • Someka

      Hi Mutlak,

      Thanks a lot for your kind feedback! We are happy that you like our template.

      If you do not want to fill in the “Spouse” column, we recommend that you enter the “-“ sign instead of leaving it completely blank. However, it is not possible to completely remove the spouse column from the current template.

      Our development team created a selection cell to choose whether or not to show the “Extra Info” column, but this does not apply to the spouse column. If you would like to apply the same to the “Spouse” column, you can have a look at our customization process.

      Hope that helps!

  11. Patty West

    It looks great. But, I have a question about the family tree. I’m wondering how it would handle 9 siblings and all of their kids on up to 5 or 6 generations. I’ve been working on a spread sheet myself and came across your template. I love the idea of being able to add pictures. I would love to have something that I could take to the family reunion to share with everybody so we can see how we are all related. Do you have a sample you could share with me? I seen the one of Queen Elizabeth, but my family is much larger.

    • Someka

      Hi Patty,

      First of all, thanks a lot for the time you spare to write a review.

      Unfortunately, we don’t have any samples but we have already explained all of the features of the template in the product video. You will probably understand how you can use the template to create your own family.

      We recommend that you add up to 1000 people inside the template so you can also enter up to 5 or 6 generations as well.

      Hope our explanation helps you, if you have further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

      Kindly regards,

  12. Anil Shah

    I have a Mac computer. I could not find any software program which works on my Mac except this program. I am so happy to get this program. Also, the Program is very user friendly and cost effective.

  13. josh

    It is easy to learn, simple and it is a better value than Visio and the others I have tried. I love the layout options so you can get the results fast.

  14. Casey segreto

    First is price. Easily affordable by company or individual.
    Second is no need learning curve.
    Lastly, being able to create chart very quickly and print them.

    Especially for someone like me who used Visio for many years. I love this spreadsheet so much!

  15. blythe

    Great value for money, it is always possible to update the chart anytime I want and it cuts the learning curve as they said.

  16. ayashe POWAQA

    The price is affordable for an individual and it is just one-time purchase. The support team was very responsive and seems to care about what you are having difficulty with doing.

  17. Lisa Whitewood

    I’m new to this program and have made an error. I’ve sent several email messages but not replies. May be the time zone is different to
    Australia, so will it take 24-48 hours or days (hopefully not weeks) to meet your time zone before I get a reply. I can’t use the program, HELP, HELP HELP someone in
    our time zone.

    • Someka

      Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for your feedback!

      Our customer support team always try to return to customer emails and reviews as soon as possible but as you said because of the time zone difference, the duration of support may be delayed max one day. Don’t worry, one of our developer team will assist you regarding your issue. Please check your mailbox, thanks!

  18. Erle

    Some drop down menu names from “parent” column is blank. Layout of tree also not showing their branching. Hmmm.

    • Someka

      Dear Erle,

      Thanks for reaching out and taking your time to leave a review for us! Appreciated!

      Normally in Parents column, there should be only one blank cell so if you see more than one, then your data might be corrupted and our tool will not recognize the names you input. Our development team would love to check your file and figure out what’s wrong.
      Regarding the broken lines, it is totally related to the sub-layout options. Most of our users do not select any option for them and this increases the complexity. So we highly recommend you to select sublayout options for each person you have in your family.

      Hope this helps, otherwise we’d be more than happy to assist you!

  19. Jorge

    After a few days of purchasing the premium version with password to unlock it, I’ve still not been able to do any changes to the downloaded file. I followed the instructions that come with it, but nothing happens. I contacted “chat with us” and they asked me to email contact support. I still waiting for their respond. Getting frustrated. I had tried other templates from them and they are not user-friendly at all.

    • Someka

      Hi Jorge,
      When the issue our users have is more complicated and needs technical support, we generally refer them to our tech guys to provide more professional assistance. Normally, after you purchase you can edit as you wish but you may accidentally corrupt the template structure or it can be related with your excel compatibility.

  20. Paul Howlin

    Before ordering, I had a discussion in which they explained to me exactly what was included in the Premium version. They gave them a very accurate description and explanation.

  21. PETER

    its ok software just a pity i couldn’t add spouse Sibling photos as well but had been advised that its a bit complicated to add that extra features as welL but hope they will work out somethingl

    • Someka

      Hi Peter. Thanks for the feedback!
      Regarding the spouse sibling photos, let us clarify something:
      We haven’t implemented cross referencing between different families (it doesn’t go well with the family tree logic).
      If that’s your family tree, you can have your own siblings. If you make your spouse’s family tree you can put her siblings.
      However, you cannot cross reference between separate families otherwise family tree goes excessively impractical and complicated.
      Hope this helps.

  22. Kate

    I’m very happy with this tool! I could add 15 generations without problem!

  23. Lawrence C.

    This software is quick and user-friendly! Also, thank you for speedy responses, return of your customer service is really prompt.

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