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Resume Templates in Excel

3.6 (5 reviews)

Resume Templates will help you to create 5 different professional and creative resumes for your job applications.

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Your resume is the first chance for a good impression during your job application process. Because today’s business world is more competitive than it has ever been before, so you need to introduce yourself with an up-to-date, well organized and visual resume template.

This Excel Resume Template will help job seekers in their quest for a new career with 5 different resume formats in Excel. Minimize your time thinking about how to make it and what model to use so that you can focus on the content and not the design or looks of your resume!

Resume Templates Features:

The design of each model meets the purpose of it, the professional level of the user, or the chosen occupation.  Because every company has its own brand tone and personality, the format that you structured for them should be relevant and suitable.

Basically, this template has 5 different resume style:

  • Traditional Model
  • Executive Model
  • Achievement Model
  • Visual Model
  • Artistic Model

Traditional Model follows simple standards for job applications, you don’t need visual formats to impress a company is known for a more formal work environment.

Executive Model is for professionals with a senior or executive position at a company. You don’t need to be fancy when you are writing your work experiences.

Achievement Model focuses on personal accomplishments, especially your positive impact on your previous experiences. That’s why you need to highlight your successes clearly not your duties!

Visual Model works best for job seekers in a creative industry or profession with minimum text.

Artistic Model emphasizes your skills and qualifications according to your professional occupation.

The models are based on thorough research on recruitment best practices that are recognized by employers worldwide. As default, these models are ready to use, but if you would like to add some extra information on them, simply click (+) buttons!


Finally, you can add your own picture as shown below:

You can also change the size of the picture!

Excel Resume Template Features Summary:

  • Included 5 unique Resume Formats in Excel for users
  • User-friendly and flexible resume
  • Compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions
  • Full Print Ready
  • No installation needed. Ready to use.
  • On Sheet Instructions

This excel template is ready-to-use and provided as is. If you need customization on your reports or need more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.


5 reviews for Resume Templates in Excel

  1. evahenri

    Looks handy! I’d like to use your resume builder to create my resume

  2. hoang.t

    I am using your builder however I was hoping you might have some automatic input which they are tailored for you personally

  3. berry.m

    It seems as though almost all resume style pieces obvious or extremely common!! Thank you!

  4. annac_alver

    You can’t change colors, fonts, and layouts unless you paid for it!!

    • Someka

      Thank you for your feedback, Anna! Our templates are prepared to be ready to use and can be used without buying modifiable version! For further customization, you can get the password and all modification rights, here: Get Modifiable Version

  5. meln

    Wow, that’s a good CV creater! The only thing that is missing (for me) is what to do if you want to add the picture of me?

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