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Excel Formulas Training Kit – Full Package

4.73 (26 reviews)

Excel Test worksheet for training Excel skills. Stop watching videos. Learn VLOOKUP, IF and many more excel formulas by doing.


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How comfortable are you with Excel? You know the basic functions that you’re familiar with to solve practical problems in your workplace.

So it’s all great to know what a formula/function does and how to use it, but when it comes to address a certain problem or present data in a meaningful way – you might stumble.

In fact, Excel requires a highly hands-on experience to master on it. You do not need to watch online courses for countless hours. Understanding a problem and display a solution is the real test of your proficiency in Excel.

So why not start at the source? 

Our training kit will provide you with different real-world Excel problems (no matter what industry you’re in) to develop yourself with Excel Formulas and Functions. You can both learn and practice most used Excel Formulas in Excel!

How does it work?

  • In this spreadsheet, there are different levels which leads you to step by step.
  • Each level has problems you need to solve and the tool will guide you on how to approach this problem.
  • Stuck in a question? In each question page, there are buttons at the top which leads you website with detailed explanation for each function.


Full training kit consists of both Beginner Level, Medium Level and Advanced Level Kits. 30 sections and around 100 questions involved within the kit:

Full Module – Covered Excel Functions

1. Basic Math Operators 11. VLOOKUP Function 21. Advanced VLOOKUP Function
2. SUM Function 12. IF Function 22. IF – AND Combinations
3. COUNT Function 13. COUNTIF Function 23. IF – OR Combinations
4. AVERAGE Function 14. SUMIF Function 24. Nested IFs
5. MAX and MIN Functions 15. IS Functions 25. MATCH Function
6. Date Functions 16. CONCATENATE Function 26. INDEX Function
7. LEN Function 17. HLOOKUP Function 27. MID and SEARCH Function
8. COUNTA Function 18. RIGHT and LEFT Functions 28. OFFSET Function
9 ROUND Function 19. RAND Function 29. INDIRECT Function
10. SUMPRODUCT Function 20. IFERROR Function 30. ARRAY Formulas

Get the training kit that makes you master all of these functions with real-life examples. It is a unique workbook that contains Excel formulas problems which is design to teach you the most common actions of Excel.


While working on these functions, sometimes you may need help. We also provide you videos to understand the concept of formula and best-practices to use it. The videos are prepared by Onur YILMAZ, the national winner of Microsoft Excel Championship!



  1. Clear instructions and web links are included so that the user is able to learn the functions by himself/herself which he/she doesn’t know already.
  1. Questions are to the point and quite well prepared in terms of functionality. Tested so many times with professional users.
  1. Multi-language formulas supported.

Excel Formulas Training Template Features:

  • Unique product for training purposes 30 sections with 100 questions
  • Practice Excel Test Modules
  • Nice design and easy to use navigation
  • Nice dashboard with progress meters
  • Multi-language formulas supported
  • Clear on sheet instructions (with turn on/off function)
  • Full Print Ready
  • Includes web links for detailed explanation for all functions
  • Works on both Windows and Mac
  • Compatible with Excel 2010 and later
  • No installation needed. Ready to use.

This Excel Formulas Training Template is prepared with VBA macros. Don’t forget to enable macros after you get it. If you need customization on your charts or in need of more complex schemes, just contact us via

For individual packages, check:

Beginner Level Module – Excel Formulas Trainer

Medium Level Module – Excel Formulas Trainer

Advanced Level Module – Excel Formulas Trainer


26 reviews for Excel Formulas Training Kit – Full Package

  1. Victoria

    As a clerk I always build up the databases of the clients and I should rapidly deliver graphs and rotate tables to help the composed reports. Using this training spreadsheet it will be simpler to learn the functions in a more sophisticated way. Keep up the great job guys!

  2. elliefigueroa

    La hoja de cálculo muy clara y útil. Para revisar lo poco que sabía y aprender características útiles. Se podrían incluir algunos ejercicios adicionales para practicar más. Esto me ha servido muy bien, gracias!

  3. jakelee

    as a teacher it allows me to learn functions. thx for taking the time to put together an amazing set. Is there any package you offer for all of my students? I just want them to get it too.

    • Someka

      Hi Jakelee,
      Thanks for your feedback! If you want to get this template for your students please get in contact with us via so we can talk about the multiple purchasing options and possible discount opportunities.

  4. aaron3

    Love it.
    -Well organized
    -Focused on important content and functions

  5. Peter J

    This is better than an online course. I’ve taken many online courses and practicing is better. You can practice right away and go back to spreadsheet. Noticed that I was really using the formulas blindly! You’ll learn how to use formulas in a more complex and efficient way.

    • Someka

      Hi Peter, that’s true: there’s definitely more than one way to approach those formulas. Thanks!

  6. savio

    It is nicely decorated template with a pretty good understandable explanation videos the only thing that I did not like is the first sections. These are too basic.

  7. S Harris

    What I love most about this spreadsheet is it incredibly encourages you to do a lot of calculation.

  8. Liammitchell

    It is very clear and understandable. Every step has been constructed in detail.

    • Someka

      Hi Liammitchell,
      We are glad that you like! Thanks! We also have a playlist with a detailed explanation about this training. You can have a look at from here: Excel Formulas Training Series

  9. LydiaS

    Very good.
    Two suggestions:
    1. The earlier modules is too basic to solve.
    2. An error in my solution would be more specific.

    • Someka

      All ideas are welcomed! Those are great suggestions, Lydia! Thank you!

  10. Stewart W

    The guy on the video shows everything in such a easy way. I’ve checked their website and their founder is a national Excel championship winner! Now that explains why I really liked it.

  11. Fiona

    A very long steps

  12. madeleine

    I had no idea all that Excel could do. All functions training was good. I also learned a lot of workarounds in Excel that I didn’t know.

  13. Sebastian

    This is a very well organized detailed course. the guy on the video explains the concepts so well.

    • Someka

      Hi Sebastian,
      Thank you for your feedback! Appreciated! If you have any questions you can get contact with us via customer chat or from

  14. justin kimland

    I am learning more than I ever knew about Excel. In advanced sections you need a bit out of box thinking guys

  15. 1kevin

    Really nice tool which covers almost all important functions in Excel

  16. D_Davies

    I must work with Excel to generate the calculation sheets with the full staff that will attend each day, plus the notes when they are evaluated are downloaded in excel sheet

  17. Stanlevines2

    Just finished second level and It was great! Very practical which enables quick learning.

  18. Lucy-smith

    I have found this very first class. Also their support team has very generous to response my with work related spreadsheet issues I have had. I would recommend to anyone looking to upgrade their spreadsheet skills

    • Someka

      Thank you so much Lucy, we’re happy to hear about your experience 🙂 Keep it up!

  19. Jessica M. Crawford

    Truly learn by doing approach. Although it was boring at the first levels I felt the effectiveness of the course.

  20. lucrecia

    Very practical tool.

  21. Kate

    I cannot give less than 5 stars. The sections are smartly designed and gives very useful problems that will improve your thinking. You can put into practice what you’ve learned about Excel.

    • Someka

      Hi Kate, happy to help. And best of luck with your learning journey!

  22. Brandon

    Too basic

  23. Donna Graham

    For me, the basic part of the sheet was too basic and at the same time there were some fine tips to lear. then it focused on important functions

  24. david bastow

    This excel traing is a useful recruitment assesment tool for us. It provide great challenges for candidates but also give opportunity us to test them on process.

  25. Vicki

    Great training program that is user-friendly and easy to follow. Learn in your own time. Thanks Someka!

  26. Bhaarath

    Its a great learning experience. I first started with the basics and medium and with a little help from the tutorial, I was able to successfully complete the advanced level also. Since successful completion is immediately seen, it is also very motivating. The tutorial is also very user friendly. I would definitely recommend it strongly to any person who wants to improve his or her Excel skills. Its really great. Trust me!

    • Someka

      Thanks a lot for nice review and I am really glad it was useful to train your skills. And congrats on completing it 100% 😉

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