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UK Geographic Heat Map Generator Excel Template

4.67 (6 reviews)

Excel Template to generate UK Heat Map. Analyze your best performing data over colored UK Counties and Regions with a 5 pre-made color set!

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Geographic heat map is one of the most popular data visualization tools to analyze and present geographically based data in a visual way. Heat maps use colors and shades in order to express graphically, individual data points in a data set. They are commonly used in many areas such as meteorology, sociology, economics, and politics. For example, you can use a UK Heat Map Generator of cities by the population which would look similar to this:


Heat maps look nice however creating a heat map from scratch is not as easy as it sounds. So, it might be logical to use a pre-made template instead. Someka offers variable heat map templates for countries and continents. By following 3 basic steps, you may create one for United Kingdom cities:

1. Step: Paste/Type your data set
2. Step: Choose your limits
3. Step: Choose your color set and your heat map is ready!

Turn Your Spreadsheet Into A Geographical Heat Map!

It’s quite easy to paste your data inside the template and get your heat map ready within minutes. You will be using it easily with the help of clear on sheet instructions:


The Color & Legend Settings

  • Background Color: Changes the background color of the map.
  • Region Border Color: Change the border colors of regions.
  • No Value Color: If a region value is blank or not in the Min-Max limits, the color of this cell will be applied.
  • Legend Display: You can select to Show or Hide option for the legend on the map.

Since it’s print-ready, you can easily print it. In addition, to get a PDF of the UK Heat Map an “Export as PDF” button!


Furthermore, you will be able to choose 1 of 5 color sets. On the other hand, you can modify color sets as you like.


Lastly, you can copy and edit the shapes to your other documents such as PowerPoint presentations or Word documents. After that, you can show each region more closely and edit them seperately.



Finally, we would like to remind you of other continent and country heat map generators which are available at:
Someka Heat Maps Collection

UK Geographic Heat Map Generator Features Summary:

  • Fully editable UK map including 48 counties, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland
  • Easy to use and nice density map
  • 5 Premade color sets to choose from (you can even modify as you wish)
  • Export to PDF feature
  • Clear on sheet instructions (with turn on/off function)
  • Print Ready
  • No installation needed, ready-to-use
  • Works both on Mac and Windows
  • Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions
  • Includes VBA codes and macros

UK Geographic Heat Map Generator is a ready-to-use Excel Template and provided as-is. If you need customization on your reports or need more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.


Watch the video below to see the template in action! Presentation also includes usage notes, explanations and tips & tricks about the template.



6 reviews for UK Geographic Heat Map Generator Excel Template

  1. Rach

    product is great and works smoothly. but I would like to buy the multiuser version now

    • Someka

      Hello Rach,

      We may surely upgrade your license from single-user to multi-user. Just email us at and our team will contact you with a link to upgrade your license.

  2. Jim

    excellent template i like it because it allows a lot of options


    I was looking to get a heat map at postal sector level but I think is not possible

    • Someka

      Thank you for your feedback. This template is designed to populate county/region-based values. But we’ve noted your advice about postal codes for our future update plans.

  4. Timothy ui

    Was looking for a customisable heat map of UK which i can use my own data and i found it here. Thank u


    a great map to display my companies demand rate, but most impressive thing is quick support!

  6. Ioan H.

    I would prefer enter data by UK cities rather than counties. I think thats not possible in ur tool.

    • Someka

      Hi Ioan! We’ve considered UK cities rather than counties but it is quite impractical for you.

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