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Someka Excel and Google Sheets Templates

Someka product range includes ready-to-use Excel and Google Sheets Templates to improve your productivity and efficiency. We provide a wide range of business tools from financial models to decision making matrices which are built to meet the needs for different industries and departments like project management, human resources and so on. You can also find some bundle packs in which we compile our most popular products for different business cases.

Below listed all current products without categorization. Feel free to use the search bar below to narrow down your product search.

  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix Excel Template


    Excel project management tool for team roles & tasks. Responsibility Assignment Matrix includes both RACI Chart and Work Breakdown Structure.

  • Human Resources Excel Templates Bundle


    Bundle pack for HR templates in Excel. Top selling human resources tools. All uniquely designed, printable, professional spreadsheets. Ready for use.

  • Product Database Excel Template


    Product data spreadsheet. Keep track of your products with dynamic lists, forms and dashboard. No installation needed. All in Excel!

  • Employee Database Excel Template


    HR employee data sheet. Track your human resources data with dynamic lists, forms and dashboard. No installation needed. All in Excel!

  • Customer Database Excel Template


    Client dashboard in Excel. Track and analyze your customer data with interactive charts and filters. No installation needed. Ready to use.

  • Porter’s 5 Forces Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet for Five Forces Analysis. Deep dive into the competition in your niche. Detailed guide included. Ready for presentations.

  • Excel Etsy Seller Spreadsheet


    Bookkeeping template in Excel for Etsy shop owners. Track your sales and expenses on a nice-looking dashboard. Import data feature with instructions.

  • Action Plan Excel Template


    Action Plan Template to organize and track targets in Excel. Input your goals and actions, measure status and progress. Visual charts are included.

  • Network Diagram Excel Template


    Network map maker in Excel. Create interactive network diagrams with dynamic shapes and icons. No installation needed. Ready to use.

  • Employee Training Tracker Excel Template


    Organize and track employee training plan in Excel. Charts and dynamic calendar to stay tuned on employee development. Works in Mac & Windows.

  • Decision Tree Excel Template


    Tree diagram maker in Excel. Flexible decision tree template to visualize your potential decision paths. Printable tree chart with optional settings.

  • Action Priority Matrix Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet to prioritize your actions. Printable effort and impact matrix with professional dashboard and dynamic charts. Ready to use.

  • Perceptual Map Excel Template


    Positioning map maker in Excel. Compare brands according to key attributes. Simple, flexible and useful perceptual map. Ready to print.

  • McKinsey 7S Model Excel Template


    Excel spreadsheet to use McKinsey 7S Framework. Clearly analyze relationships between key business elements. Fully printable and ready to use.

  • 9 Box Grid Talent Management Excel Template


    Map your staff and analyze their performance with 9 Box Grid Succession Planning Template in Excel. Spreadsheet includes McKinsey talent matrix.

  • PERT Chart Excel Template


    PERT diagram generator in Excel. Create interactive PERT diagrams in seconds. Easy way to visualize complex tasks. Fully printable and ready to use.

  • Mind Map Excel Template


    Automated spreadsheet to create mind maps from Excel data! Connect and move boxes, add or remove branches. Printable. Works in Mac & Windows.

  • Cost Comparison Excel Template


    Cost comparison spreadsheet in Excel. Compare prices from multiple vendors. Weighted cost analysis and printable dashboard with charts. Ready to use.