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Historical Stock Prices Excel Template

4.0 (5 reviews)

Excel spreadsheet to fetch historical stock prices. One-click access to data from NASDAQ and NYSE. No installation needed. Ready to use.

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All traders need to see the past data to discover patterns. You not rely on luck. However, now this Historical Stock Prices Excel Template brings key historic data of NASDAQ and NYSE from Yahoo Finance for analysis with just a click of a button!

The analysis of previous data can give you an insight into the following aspects:

  • Can provide you with an idea of which characteristics are normal and which are extraordinary and that might help you take important decisions on when to buy or sell.
  • Looking at how a stock performed over time, there is less likely that you will get unexpected results

Historical Stock Prices Excel Template Features

Above all, this data scraper template provides raw data with several options for time selection that is ready for you to build graphics and perform analysis.

Then, let’s see the details of the Dashboard:


Basically, the dashboard is a kind of scraper page to get historical data for NYSE and NASDAQ stocks. So, all you have to do is putting your company symbols in the “Symbol” cell on the left, and enter the “Start Date” and “End Date” from which you want to receive the data. And click the “Fetch New Data” button. Thus, all other information in the table will fill out automatically.


Additionally, in the top right section, you can change the time frame according to your needs.


There are 2 navigational buttons that you can use to move throughout the historical stock prices excel sheet. Indicator Explanation will give details of each indicator here. Meanwhile, you will find the following data categories for each stock symbol for a period of up to 5 years.


Note: Please note that this template only provides raw data and does not include any further analysis.

Company Symbols List is a comprehensive list of all stock symbols you can use in this template. Use this section if you are not sure about the symbol of a company.


Note: Currency Converter Template is compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions. Currently, not available on Microsoft Excel for Mac.

Historical Stock Prices Scraper Features Summary:

  • Easy-to-use Stock Price Scraper
  • No installation needed, ready-to-use
  • Suitable for both beginner and experienced traders
  • One-click access to data
  • Informational notes included
  • Compatible with Excel 2010 and later version
  • Includes VBA code and macros
  • Works on Windows

Historical Stock Prices Scraper is a ready-to-use Excel Template and provided as-is. If you need customization on your reports or need more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.


Watch the video below to see the template in action! Presentation also includes usage notes, explanations and tips & tricks about the template.



5 reviews for Historical Stock Prices Excel Template

  1. Frank4

    Really nice spreadsheet.. no waste of time at all………… thanks for ur effort

  2. Chloe P

    This was great, thanks, I have been researching “historical quarterly stock prices” for a while now, and I think this has helped

  3. David Scheer

    Didn’t work for one day for me either. Also was hoping this was actually a ‘template’ as described, and I could use it to build my own custom form, but all the functions are hidden even after unlocking the workbook, and it’s not very flexible. Wanted to get just a single past date historical quote, but to get that, I have to get 5 years of data and find the date I’m interested in. Frankly this was a waste of money for me. Going back to the IEX Cloud API docs to build my own for free.

    • Someka

      Hi David,

      First of all, thanks for your time to spend to write feedback. All comments are welcomed!

      Apparently, the real reason why it wasn’t working for a one-day time frame is the data providers made some changes in the structure of data. The only thing you should not avoid is entering your API Key.

      Our developer team have sent an e-mail regarding the issue, please check your mailbox to get detailed information about it.

      Hope this clarified things up for you David, otherwise please do not hesitate to contact us.

  4. khanna

    Didn’t work on for one day time frame like it should

  5. janellperez

    Used your template many times. Good design and features.

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