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Decision Matrix Excel Template

4.88 (8 reviews)

Decision Making Spreadsheet. Define criterions & compare options. Printable matrix chart. Ready for presentations. No installation needed. All in Excel.

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Have you ever struggled with what choice to give? Especially when you have too many options in your head and too many people telling you something else to choose from? Decision Matrix Excel Template will list down all of your options and criteria in your head and analyze them by giving coefficients and rates. In the end, you will be able to get the results on the dashboard.

Decision Matrix Template Features:

A decision matrix template is an Excel tool where you list all of your options and criteria which you also give them numerical values and coefficients to be able to calculate the weighted average of each option to determine which one is superior compared to others.


After determining the coefficients of each criterion it gets multiplied by the rate you give for each option and in the end. The decision matrix template gives you a final score for each of your options. It is possible to add many options and criteria which could enlarge your study.


Once you determine the values and the weights of the criteria, Decision Matrix Excel will color the best option green and the worst option red. While others, depending on the score will be colored with shades of yellow to also visually help you with colors.

The graph below the Decision Matrix demonstrates the overall score for each option you got and it is dynamic. The more option you add or the less you extract it is going to resize the chart according to the data it includes.


So do you want to try and learn which option is the best according to your criteria? Go ahead and find out. It’s very easy with this Decision Matrix template in Excel.

Features Summary:

  • Rating / Weighted Decision Matrix Section
  • Professional design for presentations
  • Full Print Ready
  • Informational notes included
  • No installation needed. Ready to use.
  • Works both on Mac and Windows
  • Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions
  • Does not include any VBA macros

Decision Matrix Template is a ready-to-use Excel Template and provided as-is. If you need customization on your reports or need more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.


Watch the video below to see the template in action! Presentation also includes usage notes, explanations and tips & tricks about the template.



8 reviews for Decision Matrix Excel Template

  1. Yuri

    It looks good but I try to change and it was locked I purchased it why does the template still locked and ask for password?

    • Someka

      Hello Yuri,

      Thank you for your feedback. Templates are locked as a security measure to prevent undesired changes that may affect the product’s performance.
      After purchasing, if you need to make changes to any part of it, you just have to unlock it using the password you received along with the template in your download. Look for a txt file named `password`.

  2. Alex

    Loved it! Helped a lot and it is simple to use even for someone without excel expertise

  3. Florentino

    very simple excel thx. tiny request: i want to add new criteria. default criteria row don’t need my need

    • Someka

      Hi Florentino,

      Adding more lines is possible, after unlocking the premium version of the product with the password we sent.
      Under the dashboard sheet, you will see plus (+) sign on the left side of the table.
      When you click on the sign, extra rows will be added automatically. Please see the image below.


      Hope this helps!

  4. Rollo

    nice to see matrix and graphic together

  5. Farhan

    Its very useful and very nice

  6. Hassan

    very good and easy to use

  7. B

    Can you please let us know how to insert a sheet into the workbook as well as see the number rows and columns?

  8. May


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