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Excel Home and Family Templates & Spreadsheets

Free Home & Family Excel templates and spreadsheets ready for you to fill. Wedding checklist, family to do list, activity tracking sheet, gender predictor for mothers and many more. You are going to enjoy while surfing this specific category with lovely and funny templates!

  • Automated Floor Plan Template


    Create a floor plan in Excel template! This tool is the easiest way of creating a layout plan for places like your home, office, or restaurant.

  • Lottery Simulator


    This Lottery Simulator template will generate a random set of lottery numbers in Excel! Let's create your favorite lotteries with a click.

  • Random Number Generator


    This tool allows you generating, sorting, and randomizing numbers in Excel! You can even shuffle your own list with a chosen seperator!

  • Color Palette Generator


    Easy-to-use color code finder in Excel! Just select the color and see RGB and HEX code automatically. Also create your own pallette!

  • Random Date Generator


    This Random Date Generator Excel Template will provide random calendar dates according to the parameters such as start date, end date, holidays you set.

  • Random Password and Pincode Generator


    With this Random Password and Pincode Generator, you can create a strong password or pin code for all your online accounts. Get them quickly in Excel!

  • Daily Activity Tracker


    This Excel spreadsheet is prepared as an Activity Tracker to follow and record time spent on each activity in your daily life. Fun to use and free to download.

  • Password Keeper


    Easy to use Excel template to keep record of your personal info like login and password list. Password Keeper is fully printable and free to download.