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Excel Automatic Chart Maker Templates

Do you need an organizational chart for your company or family tree chart for illustrating your familial relations? Or have you ever considered using Excel, instead of using Powerpoint or some other organizational flow chart software?

Browse our ready-to-use auto chart maker collection in order to find a quick, user-friendly and low-cost alternative to make your own org hierarchy or family tree. You will see, how easy it is to work with a data linked tool since your chart gets updated once you update your organizational data. Moreover, you will be able to upload photos in the latest versions.

Someka Auto Chart Makers are designed to work with Excel 2007 and later versions. In addition, they work both on Windows and Mac.

  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix – RACI Chart


    Excel project management tool for team roles & tasks. Responsibility Assignment Matrix includes both RACI Chart and Work Breakdown Structure.

  • Network Diagram Template


    Create Network Diagrams interactively with one click! Dynamic and customizable shapes included. Rearrange and save positions of elements in Excel.

  • Decision Tree Template


    Decision Tree Maker Excel Template to visualize the potential decision paths, their outcomes and probability. Move boxes around and style them!

  • Perceptual Map Template


    Free Perceptual Map template to start comparing brands based on your variables. Simple, flexible and useful positioning map maker in Excel!

  • McKinsey 7S Model


    Clearly analyze the relationships between key organizational elements. Free download McKinsey 7S Model template, all in Excel.

  • 9 Box Grid Talent Management Template


    Map your staff and evaluate their performance with 9 Box Grid Talent Management Template. Free performance assessment tool in Excel!

  • PERT Chart Generator


    Interactive project management chart in Excel! Input your data and create a PERT chart in seconds. Easy way to dynamically visualize and manage complex tasks.

  • Mind Map Maker


    Create a mind map in Excel! Brainstorm and turn ideas into action. You can connect and move boxes, add or remove branches and illustrate relations.

  • Excel Timeline Maker


    Create a timeline in Excel! This interactive template allows you to make simple but functional charts. Print the timeline you created with one click.

  • Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model


    Instantly review your organizational performance with The Nadler Tushman Congruence Model. It enables to resolve incompatibilities in Excel!

  • Box and Whisker Plot Maker


    Compare the distribution of the data sets in a professional-looking template. Printable Box and Whisker Plot Maker in Excel.

  • Histogram Maker


    This Histogram Maker allows you to create your own histogram chart just following simple steps in Excel. Printable and easy to use!

  • Automatic Flowchart Maker


    Flowchart Maker is an Excel solution to create flowchart with one click. No need to drag and drop. Just put your Excel data and click CREATE button!

  • Venn Diagram Template


    Venn Diagram Template will create most used eight dynamic models for showcasing relations between sets. 2 & 3 & 4-circle sets of data in Excel!

  • Excel Gantt Chart Maker


    Excel Gantt Chart Template lets you create your Gantt chart with just a button click! Works on Windows and Mac.

  • Family Tree Maker


    Easy-to-use Excel Template to create your Family Tree from your data. Photo upload feature. Printable. Works on Mac and Windows.

  • Automatic Organizational Chart Maker


    Turn your Excel employee list into an Org Chart with photos! This Organizational Chart Maker is a great Excel template for business people.