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Excel Accounting and Finance Templates

Someka’s accounting & finance collection includes templates designed especially for small and mid-sized business owners. They have a nice dashboard view with different reporting options supported with pivot tables. You will be able use the templates for easy recording of transactions, manage the accounting process of your company.

All Excel Financial and Accounting Templates are easy-to-use and compatible with different versions of MS Excel. You can work them both on Windows and Mac.

  • NFT Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet


    NFT Portfolio Tracker to manage your transactions and make profit out of tokens in NFT market space. All in Excel!

  • Pharmacy Financial Model


    The Pharmacy Financial Model allows users to create financial projections, and assess potential risks and benefits of opening a pharmacy. All in Excel!

  • Discounted Cash Flow Template


    This Discounted Cash Flow template helps you to make projections and estimate the future value of your money with two different methods.

  • Clothing Store Financial Model


    This Clothing Store Financial Model will help you to prepare your budget, forecast sales, determine inventory amounts. All in Excel!

  • Hair and Beauty Salon Financial Model


    Hair and Beauty Salon Financial Model provides all financial information for opening a beauty center or hairdresser in a professional Excel template!

  • T-Chart Template


    This T-Chart template provides you visually clean and basic chart to compare at least two topics. Free Printable 6 types of T-Chart in Excel!

  • Bakery Financial Model


    The Bakery Financial Model presents data in nicely formatted Excel Template to produce financial forecasts using alternative scenarios.

  • Client Task Management Template


    Client Task Management Excel Template will allow you to track upcoming task deadlines such as book-keeping, accounts, tax filing & payroll requirements.

  • Grocery Store Financial Model


    This Grocery Store Financial Model in Excel will allow you to produce financial forecasts using alternative scenarios, and assessing financial risks.

  • Retail Business Financial Model


    Retail Business Financial Model will assist you in making financial forecasts, comparing different scenarios, assessing financial risks in Excel.

  • Gym Business Financial Model


    Gym Business Financial Model provides all financial information for opening gym or fitness studio. Excel template for a professional financial feasibility study!

  • Ecommerce Financial Model


    SaaS & Ecommerce Startup Financial Model performs financial projection in Excel. With a range of assumptions measuring your online performance!

  • Break Even Analysis Template


    Excel Break Even Analysis Template will help you identify right assumptions to be profitable and decide if your startup is reasonable or not!

  • Sales Forecasting Template


    Sales Forecasting Excel Template will provide a projection of what your business sales are going to be in the future!

  • Financial Forecasting and Planning Model


    Excel Financial Forecasting and Planning Model is a comprehensive spreadsheet template that enables finance professionals to forecast their businesses.

  • Hotel Financial Model


    Hotel Financial Model Excel Template will allow investors or business owners to make financial projections and decide on their hotel investment projects!

  • Cash Flow Statement Template


    Cash Flow Statement Excel Template will assist you create your cash flow format with an accurate insight of your business profitability!

  • Balance Sheet Template


    Balance Sheet Template in Excel lets you prepare a balance sheet report and calculate financial ratios with a well designed structure!