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Task Management Excel Templates Bundle

Bundle pack for Task Management Templates in Excel. All uniquely designed, printable, professional spreadsheets for customer support. Ready for use.

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Boost your productivity with the Someka Task Management Excel Templates Bundle!

This bundle provides the 9 templates to prioritize, organize, and track team tasks for you. This bundle provides the best way to deal with assignments and team tracking for project managers and anyone else, who relies on efficient schedules.

What’s Included in the Task Management Bundle?

In particular, there are 9 different task management templates included in the bundle. So, please see below the whole list of the package.


  • Decision Tree Excel Template


    Tree diagram maker in Excel. Flexible decision tree template to visualize your potential decision paths. Printable tree chart with optional settings.

  • Mind Map Excel Template


    Automated spreadsheet to create mind maps from Excel data! Connect and move boxes, add or remove branches. Printable. Works in Mac & Windows.

  • Fishbone Diagram Excel Template


    Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram Maker in Excel. Printable template to define root causes. Brainstorm and add the “bones”. Ready for your presentations.

  • Kanban Board Excel Template


    Automated Kanban Board in Excel. Manage your workflows and tasks in cards view. Easy-to-use spreadsheet. Works in Mac & Windows.

  • Impact-Effort Matrix Excel Template


    Impact Effort Matrix Template in Excel. Keep your tasks organized. Easy-to-fill list & automatic matrix view. Fully printable. No installation needed.

  • Eisenhower Matrix Excel Template


    Eisenhower Matrix Template will allow you to organize your tasks in Excel and prioritize them according to their urgency and importance level.

  • SMART Goals Excel Template


    SMART Goals Excel Template with sleek design. Define objectives to reach your target with guidance notes. Printable & ready-to-use Excel spreadsheet.

  • Daily-Weekly-Monthly Task List Excel Template


    Excel Task List Template on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Save your headspace and keep track of your to-dos easily. Works in Mac & Windows.

  • Issue Tracker Excel Template


    Issue tracker spreadsheet. Print-ready dashboard to track project issues with priority and status. One-sheet Excel template with no installation needed.

Can I try the templates for free before I purchase the Task Management bundle?

Sure thing! To emphasize, we have free versions of each template in this Task Management toolkit. So, click on the product links above to go to the template page and download the free version to give it a try.

Note: Our template pages also include a detailed explanation about how to use each template with tutorial videos!

What if I have more questions later on about templates?

Do you want to know more? Please contact us here or live chat support.

Task Management Excel Templates Bundle Summary:

  1. Kanban Board Excel Template
  2. Eisenhower Matrix Excel Template
  3. Daily-Weekly-Monthly Task List Template
  4. Issue Tracker Excel Template
  5. Mind Map Excel Template
  6. Impact-Effort Matrix Excel Template
  7. Fishbone Diagram Excel Template
  8. SMART Goals Excel Template
  9. Decision Tree Excel Template

This Task Management Bundle consists of Excel Templates and provided as-is. If you need customization on your reports or need more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.