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Mortgage Calculator Excel Template

4.75 (8 reviews)

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator. Printable loan amortization schedule with visual charts and on sheet instructions. Ready to use Excel template.

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Buying our house is one of the most critical decisions we make in our lives. So, it is a good idea to make our plans to see the future payments for the credit we will take. This Mortgage Calculator Excel Template helps you to calculate your loan payments supported by also charts.



The formula for paying off a mortgage is complicated, but it can be useful. It enables current and prospective homeowners to see what paying more money would mean for their monthly budget and overall wealth profile.

Excel Home Mortgage Calculator Template Features:

Basically, this template has one dashboard that includes:

  • Assumptions
  • Outputs
  • Cumulative Payment Balance

Firstly, all you need to do is to fill in Assumptions one by one: Loan amount, Interest rate, First payment rate, Payment frequency,
Loan duration in the month, and lastly, Balloon payment to pay back the credit.

Secondly, the Outputs table will be automatically calculated based on your data on Assumptions.

Thirdly, with Cumulative Payment Balance chart, it helps you to track your payments in detail.

Thus, the Mortgage Calculator will automatically calculate the interest amortization, monthly fixed fee, and remaining balance. To emphasize, don’t forget to check at least a few combinations until you find the most suitable option according to your own situation.

Mortgage Calculator Features Summary:

  • Home Mortgage Amortization Calculator in Excel
  • Future payments of your loan
  • Automatically calculates the interest amortization, monthly fixed fee, and remaining balance
  • Clear on sheet instructions
  • Nice dashboard design with charts
  • Compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions.
  • Print-Ready
  • Does not include any VBA code or macros

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Excel Mortgage Calculator is a ready-to-use Excel Template and provided as-is. If you need customization on your reports or need more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.


Watch the video below to see the template in action! Presentation also includes usage notes, explanations and tips & tricks about the template.



8 reviews for Mortgage Calculator Excel Template

  1. Estella

    I love it! very comprehensive!

  2. Georgia Hayley


  3. Peter Russel

    The template is useful and practical

  4. Ahmed

    The template is user friendly and the ability to customize to our needs is totally requires a few steps. If you use Excel for all types of works, this would be exactly that you are looking for tracking your mortgage payments.

  5. carrie_c1

    Easy to enter data. Automatically updates when just click the calculate button. This solves the biggest problem of amortization schedule, it provide the amortization schedule accordingly to the variables provide.

  6. Julian G

    You don’t need any financial advisor to do a calculation. Simple and easy to use template.

  7. stephan.m

    functionality is good but don’t love the design. It’s old

  8. kash

    This form is very easy to use than any other online software calculator i have. It quickly shows the impact on adding extra payments can add equity and reduce interest.. It has saved me time and hassle!

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