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Employee Time Tracker and Payroll Template

3.92 (12 reviews)

Free payroll template for Employee Time Tracking in Excel. For Business owners and HR departments as a simple timesheet.

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If you are a small business owner you may find yourself keeping several excel files, noting down employees’ worked hours and calculating payment amounts. Since money is involved, this process should be done very carefully. We have prepared this free payroll template to make time tracking and payment calculations easier.

Just input your employees, daily fees and days they worked/not worked. Template will give you the summary of total payments each month. You can manage the time sheet with easy drop-down boxes while color coding makes it easier to follow.

Employee Time Tracker Payroll Template Features:

Mainly, the template is constructed by one clear dashboard part. After you select the related months you would like to make input, you will type in your employees titles and add their daily rate.

Besides that, all you have to do is input the names of the employees and select their title from the drop-down. Because the Payroll Template will calculate their total worked days and total amount you should pay for them.


Finally, W and U letters represents the Worked and Unworked days of the employees which you can edit according to your preferences.

We have left tax laws and regulations out of this payroll template’s scope. Because tax rates and rules change from country to country. But you can add taxes on top of template’s output.


  • Clean dashboard design
  • Free Excel Payroll Template
  • Monthly Employee Time Tracking
  • Quick Analysis of Payroll Calculation
  • Easy to use with dropdown menus and color coding
  • Print Ready
  • Compatible with Excel 2007 and later

This excel template is ready-to-use and provided as is. If you need customization on your reports or need more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.

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12 reviews for Employee Time Tracker and Payroll Template

  1. Roy

    It doesn’t seem to store data or refresh when changing the month.

    • Someka

      Hi Roy,

      First of all, thanks for your time to spend writing a review!

      When you change the month from the dropdown button, the cell which shows total pay will also change automatically. We have not made year restrictions in that way our users can use the template for their desired time intervals.

      Thank you for your request. If there are any updates, we will consider to creating a database for data storage.

  2. Carla Cuvers

    Horrible to install. No instructions for specific download. No way to contact anyone.
    Find another source.

    • Someka

      Hello Carla, thank you for taking your time and explain your problem to us. We are sorry you had such an unpleasant encounter within and totally get how it can be frustrating to not receive what you were expecting.

      It’s our priority to foster this order-receiving process but in case you never receive an e-mail or template, we immediately send the template you paid for it without keeping you wait too much. Because you can always contact us on our Live Chat service or drop a mail which we will respond in less than one business day.

      – First of all, in zip file, normally you should have; 1 Excel Template File + 1 Password.txt file + 1 PDF contains our company info.

      – Be sure that you have Microsoft Office and compatible Excel Version in your computer because it is quite weird to not see the template in zip file and it would be normal only if you do not have an Excel.

      In case you already have those above, we have just sent the template directly to your email address.

      Hope this helps Carla, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  3. Erose Aradana

    Thank for this! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. Rannoi Sedumo

    Makes life easy. Very productive.

  5. Hamid Hussain

    Great Job

  6. Mayra Pascall

    Easy to custom, fast support thx!

  7. Oksana Suarez

    Love the design and responsiveness!!

  8. mark

    Not really ideal to customize.

    • Someka

      Hello mark! Thank you for your feedback. Our templates are designed as-is so just for further modification you need to buy modifiable version.

  9. jeff

    You need extra paid for modification which is bad. I want to different font color

    • Someka

      Hello Jeff! Our templates are designed as-is so just for further modification you need to buy modifiable version.

  10. saifuzaman

    Great job. I like the way you design the template.

  11. gabriela

    Very easy to install and use. The support is also wonderful and all of my problems were resolved immediately.

  12. Coren Parnell

    Just started to work with the template and so far I’m more than satisfied with it. Quick response to my questions.

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